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I am really trying to figure out one part of this guide that just has me completely baffled.  Your choice of getting  Singular Sanitation Expertise before getting  Expansive Mind.  From everything I can see they break down as follows.

Solo: Singular Sanitation Expertise gives 15% damage and survivability VS Expansive Mind 15% time.  Ok, damage = time to So that makes total sense because you also get the survivabilty.

Anything more than solo, let's say 2 people both going same path.  Singular Sanitation Expertise gives 12% damage and survivability to both members VS Expansive Mind giving 30% time.


The trend continues that way getting worse as we go.

3 person= 9% vs 45%

4 person= 6% vs 60%

5 person= 3% vs 75%


Now I can see if you are dying because you just can't survive going with it...but otherwise Expansive Mind seems like a much much better choice.  Am I missing something?  Is this supposed to be a solo guide only?  


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