[US-Aerie Peak][A]Looking to move to 25M

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Forsaken Angels

Raiding Schedule:
Tuesday 5-7pm PST, Friday 5-8pm PST & Saturday 4-7pm PST


14/14 -Siege of Orgrimmar
12/12-Throne of Thunder

Forsaken Angles is a progression guild on US-Aerie Peak, we are smaller guild wanting to grow, we have a strong group of raiders. Most of us have transferred form another server, and are wanting to make better progression. We are currently looking to switch to a 25m group with the hope of Mythic raiding when WoD is released. We are in need of DPS, Heals, and DPS with Tank OS. 

We offer guildbank repairs, enchants, and gems to all of our raiders, all we ask is you be part of guild and contribute as much as you can. 

We are starting 10m progression on SoO Heroics this week, and would love to switch to 25m as soon as possible. Looking forward to talking to you

Màkinrain#1305(the a is ALT0224)

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