Improving DPS as Fury.

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Looking to improve as a fury warrior, my simmed dps is around 300k I believe, and I'm not reaching it. Not sure why not, but I think I'm usually around 220-240k dps on most fights, especially if it's a simple target dummy type fight like Malk or Blackfuse.




Logs: (This was a pretty messy attempt, if I remember rightly, even resulted in me jumping onto the belt to cover for a dead hunter,but it still stands.)


Following a standard rotation I believe, typical burst, aim for at least 2 raging blows and a stormbolt per CS, if no stormbolt then 3 raging blows.



Any suggestions? I feel like I don't have enough crit at the moment using AMR's standard weights, so altered them slightly to gain more crit.


P.S Anyone got a way to track internal trinket CD's? I'm struggling to find any weak aura strings for that.

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if u can swap your chest for non set one and legs for t16 ones, chest is the worst of the set since it have no crit


your enrage uptime seems really low to me


you dont use all your raging blow charges (36 gained 33 casted)


I dont really see anything else

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Yeah, looking into getting the Shaman's chest piece, and maybe swap the shoulders for Garrosh ones once we kill him. Anything I can do to improve enrage uptime? 


Raging blow charges I admit, I have failed with a bit, although now that I'm actively tracking more things using weakauras that should improve. Thank you for the help, however.

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Sorry for the delay, midterms and stuff didn't give me enough free time this week (and I still won't be able to go through your logs just yet). 


Anlh did give you some good pointers though, so try and follow them the best you can.


Your gear looks fine, and you definitely have enough crit to perform well as fury.

Following a standard rotation I believe, typical burst, aim for at least 2 raging blows and a stormbolt per CS, if no stormbolt then 3 raging blows.


The part I underlined should not be there. You have the Galakras trinket, therefore you can use Stormbolt every single CS.


Don't have enough time to go deep in the logs tonight, but I'll check them out tomorrow.



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I finally found the time to take a quick look at your logs. Seiegcrafter isn't an ideal fight to look at if you end up going on the belt, but it should still give you a decent idea of where you could improve.


1: You used 40 Bloodthirsts out of 82 possibilities. You definitely want to bring that number up. Both your enrage uptime and the number of RB charges you generate (which were both awfully low for your crit chance) depend on the amount of BTs you cast.


2: On a fight of the length of your Siegecrafter kill, 18 Colossus Smashes would have been expected, yet you only cast 14 CS. You also only cast 14 Stormbolts, which is at the same time good and bad. It's good, because you want to cast SB for every CS, which means having the same numbers of both casts is good, but it's also bad, because you had the possibility to cast 18 Stormbolts too, same thing as CS.


3: I can't really look at your CS phases on WoL (warcraftlogs allows me to do it, though, if you'Re interested), but by looking at your numbers of HS vs WS, it doesn't look too horrible.


Hope this helps, and sorry again for the delay,



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Appreciate the help, and yeah, I definitely need to work on Bloodthirst then, as well as using CS/SB more. All I can say about it is at the moment, I still slip up occasionally and use Stormbolt at the wrong time and mess the timings up,although now I know it's more of a problem I can work to improve it.


Again, thank you for your help, It will help me greatly.

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