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Ex Mythic Tank thinking about returning after hiatus looking to find a home to possibly raid again t,w,f 9:30pm EST

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Im on the fence about coming back to wow but before i decide i wanted to try and find a home. First things first im an experienced and id like to think skilled tank who took a break due to a mixture of burn out and RL obligations early into legion. Unfortunately i work 3rd shift so my raiding availability is only tues,wed, and fri 9:30/10pm EST till whenever. That said obviously i understand i would have to earn a raid spot and get properly geared. In the meantime having a fun group to play with and help along the way would be awesome.

P.s. the 3 tanks i have the most exp with are monk,dh, and prot pally tho im sure things have changed since i played and i may even find dps classes fun of which ive played hunter,ret pally,frost dk, spriest, and rogue but again a long time ago

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