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[Burning Blade][H] <Unholy Trinity> Old school guild LFM

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We are -Unholy Trinity- on Burning Blade (connected to Lightning’s Blade and Onyxia), a now casual-semi-hardcore raiding and social guild looking for like minded people to join us. We have been around since 2006 and have successfully claimed many server firsts in our earlier days.

14 years later, subsequently older and (hopefully) more mature, hitting top end content isn’t on our priority list anymore. However, this does not mean we don’t take things seriously. We are committed to getting stuff done and playing the game to the fullest, but we also understand that there is life outside of wow. We are still hardcore players at heart, but without the feeling of the game being a second job. All of our core players have jobs, kids, real life responsibilities and are okay if you have to go AWOL if needed.

For the remainder of BfA, we will be focusing on expanding our roster in preparation for Shadowlands. Currently running normal Ny’alotha to get people geared, as well as pushing some M+s.

Our goal is to comfortably run heroic raids with the possibility to dabble into mythics.

We have a main tank team currently, but could use any class with a solid tank off-spec.

Mainly looking for more DPS, but open to all.

Preferred ilevel should be close to 440, but willing to help gear up.

Current raid times are Wed and Thu at 9.30 EST , with a possible alt/off run on weekends.

Also tacos!

Welcoming new, current, and returning players.

If you’re interested or have any questions, dont hesitate to contact Omok#1196 or Yia#1707 on Bnet, or any of our officers.


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