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Help me out with an analysis on heroic Garrosh!

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Hey guys, so my guild got our first Heroic Garrosh kill tonight. I'm fairly happy with my performance, but what I'd like help with is figuring out how the other warlock managed to get a lot more damage on Garrosh than me and what I can do to improve my damage on Garrosh. I have some ideas on what I can improve but I'd like to know what you think.







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Looking semi-quickly because Im in raid.






You both about the same uptime at the same times, he just did more damage. Imo, that's procs/gear, not skill.


You're 25m so I assume you're kiting the adds, if you do then you should be keeping a Immolate on them for embers. Makes so you can SPAM CB for about ~2min of the fight on to Garrosh.

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Just taking a quick glance you're fairly behind for Garrosh damage. 217 to his 243. That's not bad for example we had 4 locks on this last kill and we ranged from 241-209, a lot of that is going to be RNG.


overall fight damage doesn't give you a good idea due to how much we can inflate our damage on the two sets of adds in the first phase IMO.


more Rain of fire in the beginning and then do it at the 1 second mark before MC so you're getting him + the people MC'ed. i always like to be close to 0 embers so that if I Get MC'ed my rain of fire will still be going and i pop up to full embers. little extra raid damage but during these times the raid isn't taking much damage as it is.


F&B I understand why you use this in the beginning but i show you using it towards the middle as well? do you guys actually do the second intermission or are you F&Bing the MC's? if so i wouldn't do that it's going to be a waste. the only reason i use it in the beginning is to gain embers for more CB on Garrosh himself.


your F&B incinerate was cast a ton more than mine, and your chaos bolt casts are about 20 less this could easily be what makes your Garrosh damage drop so significantly even though your overall damage isn't that much different.


you have good havoc use, make sure you're using that to build embers or if you have to get a Embodied doubt or a weapon down. for the most part you shouldn't have to be putting a lot of dps onto the weapons just immolate and then havoc to gain embers for more damage to garrosh with other multi dotters hitting it, it should go down at a good pace, make sure to take advantage of them for SB's


I've had better luck with havocing 1 embodied doubt, casting 2 chaos bolts and then doing a normal rotation to kill them off, rather than using F&B like you did. granted we did about the same damage but I normally end with full resources it looks like you ended with less than 1. this will allow you to still accomplish the goal but do more damage on Garrosh immediately after. to each his own, just a suggestion.


overall you're doing well in my opinion, with this being your first kill I'm sure you'll start doing better and better.

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pretty sure it's not a gear issue.


on garrosh:

you have 36 chaos bolts, the other lock has 52.

you both have the same number of incinerates

you have really terrible immolate uptime on the boss (75%, other lock had 93%)


on other parts of the fight:

you are padding like hell on p1 adds (you have almost double the other lock's dmg)

you are doing 30% more on the weapons. i assume this is necessary for your strat, maybe the other lock is slacking on this.

you are doing much better on the transitional adds (doubts and fears)


for garrosh damage, here are my suggestions:

use un-glyphed havoc. you can get 3 shadowburns onto garrosh in p1 every time havoc is up by hitting him from the adds. the timing for this is: first havoc on first wave of warbringers, second havoc on first wolf rider, third havoc on second wave of warbringers

in p2, if you DONT kill weapons, you should havoc immolate+2xfiller onto the weapons every time it's up for ember generation. make sure you don't cap embers.

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I'm assuming you had a bunch of pulls before the kill, was he always ahead of you on H Garrosh progression as well? Sometimes it's just RNG.


I'm about 80 pulls in on H Garrosh on my 25M and sometimes people just have amazing dps on Garrosh due to trinket procs/RNG and sometimes other people are on top. We run 3 locks in my raid and none of use are on top 100% of the time on our attempts where we get to P3. If he is consistently above you on like 90% of the pulls and you're the same ilvl then look at a few logs, if it's just this one kill attempt and on all the pulls where you get to P3/P4 it varies that it could just be RNG. 

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