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War on Lordaeron Live Action Fanfilm

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Here comes some awesome fan work with a live action attack on Lordaeron film from Chris Vernel, featuring an actual castle! This isn't the BfA version however, as the Alliance is actually defending the keep from a Horde assault. There's more to come as well, as this is just the beginning of the project:


Stormwind has fallen. The Horde is now reaching the northern kingdoms of Azeroth. Lordaeron is the last chance for a new Alliance to stand and fight back the invasion.
Follow the project, its Behind The Scenes, the making of etc on my youtube channel.
It's just the beginning. More fanmade videos, short movies or trailers will follow! Thanks a LOT to every single person involved in this project Thanks to the groups that came and helped.
Les chasseurs de Dragons de Sedan, Ex Machina... https://www.youtube.com/user/assoexma... Thanks a lot to : The Castle of Sedan for letting us work here. The Abbatial of Mouzon for letting us record the bells. To the awesome people who have made this adventure possible. Thanks a lot to all of you. This project is fanmade. It included WOW community in France, LARPers, reenactors, HEMA-ist, and many people with their support and passions

And here's a BTW shot:


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    • By Starym
      The Slime Serpent has been one of the few mysteries eluding the WoW Secrets community, and it's looking like it's been solved in a pretty uncomplicated way!
      There has been a lot of speculation and theorycrafting surrounding this one, as it was always known to drop somewhere within Plaguefall, and today it's all turned out to be relatively simple and disappointing for the WoW Secret Finding Discord. It's unclear whether this was just added in patch 9.0.5 or perhaps even in a more recent hotfix, but Community Manager Muffinus did say that the mount was available way back in November, so it's possibly it's just been sitting there this whole time.
      The actual solution to the mystery is... just solo the last two bosses of Heroic (or Mythic0) Plaguefall. Yep, that's about it. No secret shirts, no buffs that need to be active, no grand journey across the Shadowlands, just solo killing Margrave Stradama and Domina Venomblade in order to get to her, which then triggers a secret quest completion and spawns the serpent in the Domina area pool. There might still be some Renown requirements, but none have been spotted so far, but as most players that have gotten it so far were well caught-up on their Renown (but not all were at the cap), there is a possibility there's some level required, but so far it seems just the solo clear.

      Source: User Epic on the Secret Finding Discord.
      And here's a closer look and the hidden quest completion, courtesy of Discord user Mat:

      You just interact with the serpent there and get the Slime Serpent mount!
      The first to find this by accident was Hunter Durendil, who was just soloing the dungeon for a video! Huge thanks to the WoW Secret Finding Discord, as they picked up on this very quickly. Now actually soloing the last two bosses on Heroic isn't exactly trivial for some specs, so this one may still be fairly unattainable for some, but hopefully Blizzard can reduce the requirement to Normal at some point.
      Players aren't too happy with this particular secret however, because aside from the fact that it's not particularly interesting nor complex, it's actually going to be pretty hard for some classes, with players already resorting to using badly geared alts, as it's their best bet to be able to solo clear Heroic.
      And here are some happy players showing off their mounts. From the Secret Finding Discord: Killsun, Forkbeard(Robin), Cucmber:

      And here's a group of happy riders in Oribos, courtesy of Umpa [MG]:

      Source: WoW Secret Finding Discord.
    • By Starym
      In an interesting bug on the PTR today, Sylvanas seemed to want to stick around and fight the player instead of just stunning them and leaving in the Battle of Ardenweald intro questline.
      Draezx had the pleasure of fighting the Banshee Queen directly in Ardenweald, but unfortunately we didn't get to see how it ended, although presumably the DK didn't quite win in the end:
      She's not even marked as a boss there, just a simple level 60 elite (although with quite a bit of health it seems), so it's obviously not the actual character we'll be fighting in the raid. As for the actual boss encounter, we've recently found some very interesting things in the Sanctum of Domination that indicate how the fight will end, with some major story implications, so head on over here if you want to read about that.
      Also, as you'd expect, the thread also provided some hilarious comments, including some deep insight into Sylvanas lack of learning after her first Arthas setback:
      It's a really cool bug there, and hopefully we'll see it replicated during the PTR with a group or even raid trying to take Sylvanas down ahead of time. We've seen strange bugs like these before, where NPCs can get killed despite it not being intended, most noticeably with the Archon actually dying in the Spires of Ascension, which actually triggered a very specific and obviously intended/programmed response. You can check that out here.
      Meanwhile, you can also take a look at how the Battle of Ardenweald questline actually plays out here.
    • By Stan
      We're looking at Sanctum Gloomcharger. The mount drops from "The Nine" encounter in the Sanctum of Domination raid in Patch 9.1.
      Sanctum Gloomcharger is a mount that drops in the new raid, very similar to Abyss Worm from Tomb of Sargeras or the Antoran Charhound from Antorus in terms of drop rate. It's another horse mount with the following flavor text:
      "Only the Jailer's most powerful lieutenants are gifted these steeds to stalk the halls of the Tower."
      Here is a detailed preview of the mount.

    • By Starym
      A very interesting thing has come up during today's raid testing, which might very strongly indicate that there will be a huge and somewhat unexpected (at least this early) confrontation taking place at the end of the Sanctum of Domination! Big potential spoilers ahead!
      Pauper_Jenkins looked around the raid using Far Sight and spotted the Arbiter's room from Oribos inside the raid, which means there might be something happening there.

      But what could that something be? We've already seen the very top of Torghast in the recent Sanctum raid sneak peek, and the Arbiter's room actually is positioned above it there as well. Obviously the Arbiter's room isn't literally "above" Torghast, but these are the Shadowlands we're talking about, and the Jailer surely has his ways of traversing as well. It's also likely that the Sylvanas encounter will take place at the top of the tower... at least at first. If we take a look at the final raid encounter in more detail, the Dungeon Journal states that in the later phases Sylvanas waylays the players as the Jailer "ascends":

      The above happens after Sylvanas "destroys" the tower below, so we're definitely heading up, and is followed by:

      Final showdown between Death and inevitability? If you factor in the Oribos room into all that, it seems pretty likely we'll be seeing the Jailer facing off against the Arbiter, in one of the most one-sided fights in history unless the big soul dispatcher wakes up or someone other than us steps in to help, as we'll be busy with Sylvanas. This also indicates that the Jailer might be getting another key at the end of the raid, with theories about the Arbiter's chest-gem/pearl finally being resolved. Also, that means the final part of our fight with Sylvanas might be in that same room, and if I were a betting man I'd say those portals all around the platform will come into play.
      This is a hugely interesting twist, as we weren't quite expecting the story to progress quite this fast. Also, could this possibly mean 9.2 will be the final raid/patch of Shadowlands? It seems like an extremely big leap there, but considering the delays we've already seen and 9.1 coming in 2-3 (or more?) months, it's possible Blizzard sped up the story a little. Then again it's just as likely that this was planned all along, but considering the relatively low stakes/story implications of Castle Nathria, this is a pretty huge step up - that is if any of it is true.
      We still don't now what exactly happens at the end of the Sanctum of Domination, but the above is a pretty solid theory at this point, as I'm pretty sure the Jailer will get all of his keys before the end of Shadowlands. I just wasn't expecting it to go this quickly...
    • By Starym
      As the 9.1 PTR is the main focus of the community at the moment, Nerfmeta, Ellesmêre, Asûna, Jpc and Onezyd thought they'd shift the attention back to live, as they took down Plaguefall +27, as spotted by Raider.IO, with 3 and a half minutes to spare!
      This is a huge move forward in the Mythic+ top end, as it's been a little under 2 months since the last highest key World First. The team also brought back the highest key WF title to the West (and the US in particular), as the past four top clears have been by Chinese teams.
      Now let's have a look at their runs, shall we:
      Ellesmêre Holy Pala PoV:

      Jpc Outlaw Rogue PoV:

      Onezyd Balance Druid PoV:

      And here are the stats:

      So huge congratulations to the team and let's see if they can go even further! How high do you think we'll be getting in Season 1?
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