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petmyhornplz - Phase 3 Wishlist

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So here it is:
Build (24/0/27 - RESTO MOONGLOW) - I will have upgrade Thorns, MoTW and Nature's Grace
Primary Focus: Faerie Fire/Insect Swarm mobs > Off-healing raid (rank 4 Healing Touch)
Gear priority: The reason why I ask for the crit gear is due to Nature's Grasp. I figured the main healers, while focusing on the major healing bonuses, this will allow for me to provide support in an alternative way. 

Stat priority: Crit/mp5

Loot requests for BWL (in order of bosses):

Stormrage BracersStormrage Bracers (Razorgore the Untamed)
Pendant of the Fallen DragonPendant of the Fallen Dragon (Vaelastrasz the Corrupt)
Stormrage BootsStormrage Boots (Broodlord Lashslayer)
Rejuvenating GemRejuvenating Gem  (Firemaw/Ebonroc)
- Staff of the Shadow FlameStaff of the Shadow Flame  (Nefarion) 



Here is a sample of the gear set I wish to develop later on.
Helm  Mish'undare, Circlet of the Mind FlayerMish'undare, Circlet of the Mind Flayer [2% crit]

Neck  Pendant of the Fallen DragonPendant of the Fallen Dragon [9mp5]

Shoulders Wild Growth SpauldersWild Growth Spaulders

Back  Shroud of Pure ThoughtShroud of Pure Thought [6mp5]

Chest Stormrage ChestguardStormrage Chestguard [1% crit + 3piece SR]

Wrists Stormrage BracersStormrage Bracers [3piece SR]

Hands Taut Dragonhide GlovesTaut Dragonhide Gloves [1% crit & 6mp5]

Waist Ban'thok SashBan'thok Sash [1% crit]

Legs Cenarion LeggingsCenarion Leggings [1% crit plus 3piece CEN]

Feet  Stormrage BootsStormrage Boots [1% crit plus 3piece SR]

Ring 1 Pure Elementium BandPure Elementium Band

Ring 2 Mark of the Dragon LordMark of the Dragon Lord (equip Cauterizing BandCauterizing Band  when main ring on cd)

Trinket 1 Rejuvenating GemRejuvenating Gem [9mp5]

Trinket 2 Darkmoon Card: Blue DragonDarkmoon Card: Blue Dragon

Weapons Staff of the Shadow FlameStaff of the Shadow Flame [2% crit]

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