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That is my mage. I am currently working on heroics (sorry I have no logs) and I was just wondering if anyone has tips gear wise. I have all 5 tier pieces from normal, as well as  Frenzied Crystal of Rage normal, Bjam's Blasting Bracers warforged, Mantid Vizier's Robes normal, Akolik's Acid-Soaked Robes normal, Spaulders of Kor'kron Fealty normal, Ebon Ritual Hood normal, and Damien's Ice-Vein mask warforged.


I included those pieces of gear incase you feel I should use a different set of gear. I've been playing mage since wrath and lately using ask mr robot to do gems and reforges but I want to take the step into doing the best that I can. 



Any help or tips is appreciated.




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You don't have Synapse Springs applied to your gloves. :P


Anyhow, here you can find lots of tips in connection with gearing and reforging. I advice you to read through the first post in this topic, it should answer most of your questions.


Apart from this, I will be honest. I cannot be bothered with thinking about which item you should equip in this many slots since AMR does this very same thing for you in milliseconds by one click.. :) If you read the guide you will also get the correct stat values for AMR ^^

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