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Unholy Aoe Question

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Hello Community, I am fairly new to Unholy and was wondering if i am understanding aoe right from the guide. When opening with outbreak and hitting festering strike to apply festering wounds to target and say there is a 4-6 mob pack am i targeting each mob and applying festering wounds through festering strike ? 

And if that is the case should i running talents Infected Claws and Bursting spores wait till atleast 3-4 mobs have the festering wounds applied and then drop death and decay and while standing in DD cast Scourge Strike for the cleave and splash from bursting spores for big aoe damage ?


Thank you for any advice. 

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Ultimately it depends on the packs and how quickly they are dying.

If they are dying relatively quickly, then focus on stacking on a single target, dropping DnD and scourge strike, otherwise you'll have wasted runes on multi-targets as they'll be dead before you can start SS spam.

If it's going to be a drawn out fight where the additional adds in packs are not dying straight away then you can FS on several targets then begin your AOE rotation as you have outlined in your last paragraph.

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