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[Feral] Stat priority, trinkets and other advices

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I'm a guardian druid taking a break in HC progress (8/14) for a while, and during this time I want to learn how to play feral and to make my off spec viable.

I read the Icy Veins guide and I think it's a very valuable start, but some points are still blur to me, so I've been looking for a reference website for feral, such as The Inc Bear for guardians, and didn't find anything. So if someone could provide me some further reading I'm interested.

But for now, I've some questions for you :

First, here's my armory.
All the gear my character currently has is for the feral spec only, except for Neck, Wrists, Boots and Weapon (so locked gemming/reforge).

I didn't optimize my gear yet, because I'm doubting on something : is 1 agi better than 2 mastery ? IV and AMR answer "yes", but when I look at Fragnance or Stenhaldi I see "no". Is there any factor like RoRo, BiS ilvl or even skill that has an influence on it ? Is agi better for the average player but mastery more rewarding for a very good player ?

Trinkets : I got the normal Blackfuse and Harrom trinkets, and the HC Sha. What should I equip in my case ?

That's it at the moment, I'll optimize my character following your answers, build my UI and very certainly come back with new questions then.

Thanks for your help, and don't hesitate to ask me to rephrase if there are things you don't understand, my english is far from being perfect. ^^"

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RoRo does change your stat priority; otherwise I stick with 1 Agility > 2 Mastery because cats do such a high percentage of their damage with white attacks. If you are responsible for doing a high amount of AoE then I can see how stacking Mastery would help, but I always had perfectly good results AoE-wise gemming Agility, especially if I was able to use DoC and Tiger's Fury on Thrash.

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That makes sens now ! Thanks for the information.

What about the trinkets ? At equal ilvl I know Haromm and TED are the best, but considering I got a HC AoC, what should I equip ?

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ive read the stat priority on the guide. so its a safe bet to always stack ur main stat, then hit/exp cap, and then finally stack mastery/crit? always thought crit was important to cats? but for cats stat wise would go agility, hit/exp cap mastery (reforge haste into more mastery and crit) i assume? and with gems always get +160 agil ? what bout the orange gem +80agil/+160crit or +80agil/+160 mastery? just curious, im only lvl 35, just want info for when i hit 90 and get better gear

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Stat Prio: Agi > Hit/Exp1 > Mastery > Crit > Haste


@thatoneguy, pure basic cat gemming is;

  • Red: agi
  • Yelllow: agi/mastery
  • Blue: agi/hit


1: slightly under is better than slightly over

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