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[H][PVE/PVP]{House of The Rising Sin]{Blood Sail Buccaneers}[EST} FRI-SUN 7:30-11:30 PM

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(House of the Rising Sun) is lead by a core group of gamers that have been together for the last 15 years. All expansions, several server firsts and now we fully into classic. We are currently only recruiting exceptional players. If you are a min/maxer, attuned for all current content and fit within our recruitment needs; feel free to apply on our website. We are not an RP guild, but support them. Our focus is Raiding Fri/Sat and occasionally Sun night for progression.

Raid times 7: 30 pm EST server.

Raid Dates: Friday-Sunday

It’s important to understand though, days and times can change when world bosses are available.

We use a DKP System, same system we’ve used since Vanilla.

To Apply Visit:

Website: hotrs.dkpsystem.com
Step 1: Make an Account
Step 2: Create a Character
Step 3: Apply… It’s that Simple.

*We are looking  for Hunters, Rogues, Resto Shaman, Priest Healer, DPS  Warrior

or visit the website to view needs.

Once we receive your application, we’ll pull you into discord and set you up with our Class Leader. If the Class Leader signs off on you, your two week trial will begin. Once you have access to all the features on our website, it will answer any questions you have about our DKP/Rank system.

If you are looking for an old school Guild. One that is ran with integrity, honor and has a family atmosphere, that is us. We have all Raid content on farm.

If you have any questions you can reach out to our Guild Leader via the means below.

Discord: Broken (Trish) #8911
In Game: Broken

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