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To keep this short and sweet, <Before the Fall> has set up a 25man composed up of mainly 11/14 heroic raiders. Right now we're trying to improve this roster and get it right back to Heroic Siegecrafter Progression! 

Right now <Before The Fall> has a successful 10man actively working on heroic Garrosh progression. Our end goal is to then merge the 10 with the 25man to get to heroic Garrosh 25man ASAP. We want the best of the best so that we can be fully prepared for when 6.0 hits and 20man raiding begins. We'll be actively working on our roster every week to keep improving it so that we can be a very competitive guild come mythic.

Raid Times: 
8/14HM 25man T, W, Th 8pm - 11pm EST 

Recruitment Needs (as of 03/02/2014)
Heals: 1-2 Resto Shaman, Disc, Hpally, Monk
DPS: 1-2 Melee, Ret, Feral, Enhance, Ret, WW
DPS: 1-3 Ranged, Mage, Boomkin, Spriest, Ele, Hunter

As always, please feel free to apply if you feel you could offer improvement to our current raiding roster. Exceptional applicants of any class and spec are always welcome. We have also opened up our recruitment to those who are interested in raiding with us next expansion.

13/14 Heroic SoO (10man), 8/14 Heroic (25man)
13/13 Heroic TOT
15/16 Heroic MSV/HOF/TOES
8/8 Heroic DS
7/7 Heroic FL
13/13 Heroic BWD/BOT/TFW

Prowleress: Prowl#1190
Stormdk: Storm301#1174

To get more info or apply, go to

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