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Short Stat Issue

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Hey Good Afternoon Everyone!


Just a couple quick questions!


I have a couple problems with reforging, I use reforge lite but it seems to be bugging on me, any suggestions in how I could optimize my gear to follow what you guys have in your guides? I'm a little past the haste break point of 50% at around a 14350 Haste Rating.


http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/darkspear/Laslowz/simple (My armory Link)


Since we are getting further into Heroic Progression with the team I am on now I just want to make sure I am optimizing my gear and it is not a hindrance, I already have my play style to worry about I don't need gear being a 2nd issue.


Thank you guys


PS I am a huge fan, keep up the good work the Frost Mage/Bomb SnapShotting/ SoO guides for frost mages are IMMACULATE, it shows you guys really do try to help the community out 

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Did reforge lite tell you to break the socket bonus on your chest armor? If so I would not use it anymore wink.png


I loaded your profile in AMR and took the values for mixture build from Akraen's Guide. Optimized you would end up with (raidbuffed):

+ 287 Int

+ 0,56% Mastery

+ 316 Spellpower

-0,22 % Hit (15,16 %)

-0,36% Haste (50,04%)

-0,08% Crit


Except for int (and therefore sp) the changes are not that big. But I'm still confused why your addon would suggest to break the socket  boni for your chest.

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