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I think you should take a look at the restro guide first:



My personal advice:

* More mastery! About 40% should do smile.png

* Less spirit - but it depends on your healing style

* Less haste - take a look at the haste caps in the guide. I think the 12,5% softcap should be reached

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My general rule is always go for the highest haste cap you can reach. Yes, mastery is good for us beyond our caps, but the caps are humongous for us to hit. Now that I'm raiding on my druid (40 wipes into Paragons and we've got the first four down), I've started doing some of my own theorycrafting given the lack of amazing resources available compared to other classes. By the models I've come up with, there's no such thing as losing too much mastery to reach a cap; a lot of this is because of the base 10% mastery and the 480 points it takes to get 1% versus the 425 points per 1% haste and the fact that every threshold, especially for Wild Growth, is a significant increase to throughput. I emphasize WG because while Rejuv is generally our top healing source, much of it is overheal to charge mushrooms and we may find ourselves clipping it when we refresh it. WG, especially with SotF, puts out a lot of healing, and there's no way to clip it due to the CD.


So, for your setup, I would recommend going to the 13163 cap instead of the 6652 cap.

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