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Haste CAPS Marksmanship

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I've been playing mm spec for a while and I'm trying to improve my gameplay as much as possbile. I've been reading various guides, watching videos to help me do that. Now I am 12th hunter on my realm so I guess I am doing fine. Icy veins guides provided me with so much useful info. THX :)


However, one thing is still hanging in the air for me and can't find a guide which explains it in detail, especially for mm spec. Dont tell me to change to survival, I wohnt :D


It is haste stat. My Armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/anachronos/Subtumulius/simple


Do some kind of caps exist for haste and how much should I have? Currently i am at 23-25% haste and 42-43% crit without raid buffs. My concern arose when i got 2 items which changed my haste and crit stat and there are no significant increases on other things.


With 2 new items after reforging I get 2%less haste but gain 1% crit so now i am wondering how to go with it. Should I wear old gear with 25% haste(-1%crit) or new one with 23%haste (+1%crit)? I was trying to test my dps and compare, but you can never have clear situation in regards to procs and also both setups(old and new) are around same dps. According to Wow realm progress pages, my new setup increased simdps by 8k but I cant be sure that is absolutely correct.


I would like someone to explain haste stat in more detail, on what should i pay attention when deciding what stat do I wanna reforge.

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That little amount of haste and crit won't matter too much. I would use however much haste you are comfortable with, and then go full crit.

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