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Thanks to Hybrys for the heads up.


Healers go check it out!





  • Wild Growth (Restoration) now has a 1.5-second cast time.


That is just to convince you to read it in its entirety.  It is a good read.

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I'm actually very excited to read most of that. I started really learning my druid in the beginning of Cataclysm. It was so much more like they described in raiding - much more pressure and constant healing, but less "holy crap that's going to hit everyone for 80% in five seconds" feeling all the time, with the exception of a few phases (see: Chimaeron). It was a huge change from WotLK where tanks were stacking stam over avoidance at higher levels just to avoid getting one-shot by every mechanic while healers had to be given so much regen to just bomb monster heals non-stop. As HoT-based healers, we're better suited to the Cata-style they're talking about rather than today where a lot of our healing gets sniped by constant absorbs and people who do the same amount of healing in one spell as we do but do it all instantly before our healing gets in.


Honestly, it's the constant panic-mode stat of current Wrath-style healing that makes me kind of hate Paragons, or at least the beginning of the fight. There's so much tank damage, coupled with the massive damage the parasites do when they come out. If a parasite decides to fixate on someone that gets mutate (or worse, two parasites), it's like our pally and I have to heal three tanks getting destroyed along with the raid damage. Granted, once we get Rikkal down that damage becomes less of a big deal. The beginning of the fight is just AIDS.


As far as the WG change goes... we're still going to be incredibly mobile. Having that on a 1.5sec GCD is really just a PvP change. When we're going for haste breakpoints, that's going to realistically be closer to 1.2sec even toward the beginning of the expansion. When you think how often we're using SotF for WG, that ends up being 0.6 sec cast time. Any time where moving and raid healing is an issue, we should still be able to find that 0.6 sec. If it's really that intense of movement, we can still take Genesis, which will be pretty potent with the talent that adds an extra second to Rejuv after using Genesis.

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