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World Record 36 Hour Stream, All 46 Warrior Combinations Leveled to Max by DesMephisto

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We've heard a lot about DesMephisto, from his speedy leveling in the alpha, to the all warrior Ny'alotha and more, but today he's reached quite the milestone in his personal quest. He's been leveling warriors for a long time now, with a goal to have every single race and gender combination at max level - and he's now finished that goal.

He did this during his recent charity stream, where he was live for 36 hours straight, which also broke the Guinness World Record for WoW streaming. While that doesn't sound like that much (the previous record is only at 32.5 hours), and a lot of us actually probably did longer stretches, no one else has gone for the specific rules required for the record, including only taking a maximum of 10 minute breaks per hour (that can be taken cumulatively). But he didn't really do it for the world record, it was a way to get more attention to his charity drive, in which he raised $4500 for the Autistic Self Advocacy Network. The record also hasn't been ratified yet, as the stream just ended yesterday, so official confirmation will wait a little.

We'll be talking to him about all his recent achievements in an interview coming up soon as well.

World of Warriors - All 46 possible race and gender combinations completed

Here's the full stream from yesterday:


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Not sure if one could possibly find a better way to raise awareness of autism spectrum disorder, well done lad, but now get some sleep!

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