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Since upgrading some of the cards in my Shaman deck and playing around with the build a bit I've come up with this list.  All of these cards I've gotten just playing the game and opening random packs or crafting from the extra dust I make as I get extras.  



2 Earthshock...silence is golden, the damage is a bene

1 Forked Lightning...think of it as a 3rd Lightning Storm (ok not exactly)

2 Lightning early removal in the game and direct damage

2 Rockbiter Weapon...2nd best early removal in the game and direct damage

2 Stormforged Axe...good total damage for the cost

1 Flametongue Totem...turns zeros into damage dealers and upsets thier math

2 Kobold Geomancer...2/2 and buffs your damage spells

2 Hex...all purpose removal

2 Lava Burst...another great removal spell and direct damage

2 Lightning Storm...awesome AoE minion removal

2 Feral Spirit...2 minions for 1 card...woot!

2 Mana Tide Totem...card advantage on a stick

2 Unbound Elemental...combos with all the overload and a 2/4 for 3, wow

1 Bloodlust...great finisher card, really upsets thier math

2 Azure Drake...4/4 that buffs your damage spells and draws a card, nice

1 Earth Elemental...can be a game ender or a game saver

2 Fire Elemental...6/5 w/built in damage spell


When I first started playing the Shaman I went all in for Bloodlust.  While it did win me quite a few games there were many times I sat with 2 of them in hand and no minions on the board.  This deck wins without it but keeps the option on the table, so to speak. 


The key to this deck is really the damage spells and the damage buffing minions.  They give you the ability to remove almost any minion in the game easily, clear the board several times over and finish an opponent at low health with a single play.


The ability to suddenly change the math (Dalaran Mage becomes a 4/4 w/Rockbiter or two 0/2 Totems suddenly become 2/2 with Flametongue) keeps your opponent guessing (and of course the timely Bloodlust is always sweet).  Upsetting the math and keeping them off balance allows you to play your game instead of reacting to thiers. 


Lastly a few cards deserve special mention,  Bloodlust I've already touched on but I have to reiterate it's ability to swing a game is amazing.  An early Unbound Elemental can get to be a real beast in this deck and forces your opponet to deal with them.  A 5th turn Earth Elemental can cause your opponet some real headaches and this deck has a number of superb 3 mana plays to follow up on the 6th turn.   Finally Earthshock is an outstanding silence spell and combined with the damage buffers turns into a pretty good removal spell as well. 


Thoughts, suggestions, questions?

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