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Ret Weapon Nyalotha

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So we have two options here, which is typically better or does it matter to other gear? The Axe from Maut vs the Sword from N’Zoth?

Theres the spear as well, but that doesn’t look at good as they other two to me. 

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There's a lot of factors that go into your weapon choice, overall Axe from maut and spear from drest fall behind in pure dps just because of the ilvl of nzoth sword. When looking at corruption the Axe from maut takes up a lot of corruption space that could be used on way better corruption (obsidian doesn't do as much as it will for a blood dk so it's better to just cleanse it) R3 TD is honestly a really good corruption on any fight with consistent cleave. It does fall short though if you have ST fights and can run tendie/infinite stars. But if the R3 TD is all you have or the best then don't cleanse it.

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