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Fluid Druid

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I like this deck because of the flexibility.  Cards like Keeper of the Grove that give you 2 options which allow you to react to the board situation more favorably.


As with all my decks I build with the cards I have. I only have the cards I open from random packs or craft from extra dust. 


2 Innervate...mana boost, turn 1 Boulderfist Ogre mwahaha!

2 Moonfire...meh by itself but awesome w/the damage buffers

2 Claw...great minion removal or good finisher, the damage shield is a bene

2 Mark of the Wild...great minion buff w/taunt

2 Power of the Wild...good early minion or later as a minion buff

2 Wrath...good minion removal made better w/the damage buffers and card draw

2 Kobold Geomancer...2/2, damage buffer, good early target for Mark of the Wild

2 Dalarian Mage...a meh 1/4 but buffs damage and a good target for Mark of the Wild

2 Swipe...great minion removal and w/damage buff a great board sweeper

2 Keeper of the Grove...2/4 w/silence or 2 damage, awesome deal for 4 mana

1 Starfire...because I only have 1, great minion removal or board sweeper

2 Azure Drake...4/4, draw a card and buff your damage for 5

2 Druid of the Claw...4/4 w/charge or a 4/6 w/taunt for 5 (almost always go charge)

2 Starfire...5 damage and draw a card, a bit expensive at 6

2 Boulderfist Ogre...best vanilla 6/7 for 6 there is

1 Ancient of War...a 10/5 or a 5/10 w/taunt for 7 (almost always go taunt)


One of my favorite plays is to innervate/coin out a Keeper on the 1st turn removing thier small minion then Mark him on turn 2 and start attacking w/my now 4/6 taunter.  Puts a lot of early pressure on them. 


Of course, as mentioned above, if you get a really lucky draw its possible to get a Boulderfist on the board 1st turn or an Ancient on the 2nd...if they don't have an answer in hand the game ends quickly. 





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