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Incredible Class Armors for Each Race Concept Art (189 Sets!)

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We have a big one today, as redditor kalamari__ noticed artist Arthur "Handclaw" Lorenz completed his goal of creating unique racial armors for all classes. The idea is to take each race and have class-specific armors for them, which would add a whole lot of variety and racial identity to the game, and Lorenz has managed to create between 5 and 10 unique class armor sets for each race (depending on the available classes to the specific race pre-Shadowlands, when all races get to be Death Knights).

In total, he's created 189 (one-hundred-eighty-nine!!) new armor sets, with the biggest numbers coming from Trolls, Blood Elves, Dwarves and Goblins, as they got 10 armors each , and with Highmountain Tauren and Lightforged Dranei having the least combinations, with 5 pieces each. Pandaren even get both Alliance and Horde variations! We'd already covered some of these entries, but there's so much more to check out.

We can't stress enough how amazing these sets are and just how much work went into them, but it's time you saw that for yourself, with added comments from the man himself. Also, you should absolutely check out the full galleries over at Lorenz's Artstation as well, as they also feature some older concepts that aren't present here and more detailed images for each armor set.




- The Warrior was one of the first sets created in this project. I had a Wielding Mask inspired helm on my mind for years.
- From the very beginning, I wasn't too happy with the hunter design. After finishing all core races, I took a look at it again and decided for a new jetpack themed outfit. (Disengage in style!)
- For the rogue I wanted to create something whimsical at the time. A "stealth suit" with a little mechagnome nod.
- For the monk I enjoyed the idea of using a cog as the strawhat equivalent to the pandaren style.
- (Mage) Back when designing this, I wanted to create a magister type of set with a gnomish flair.
- Many gnomish "priest" npcs have been called medic so for them I went for a literal approach. One thing I experimented with was having untypical shoulder pads via the drones.
- Back then, I thought I needed at least one set with a pointed hat, and Warlocks got the honor.
- (Tinker new class) Before this project began, I had a test run with a few different races. The tinker armor was one of them. It originally was meant to be a starter type gear for a gnome tinker, but I've updated it to include the tinker backpack and added details.






- (Warrior) I wanted to create a footman equivalent for the worgen. Gilneas would embrace the symbol of the wolf and incorporate it into its armor, making it easier for human and worgen soldiers to work together as both have a "wolf head"
- (DK) For the second version I wanted to add more of a wolf theme to the set to make it distinct for worgen, As well as adding a long coat.
- (Hunter) It is pretty clear that this is based on Greymane's master skin in Heroes of the Storm. To me, that is just the right design direction for worgen hunters.
- For the Rogue I wanted to experiment with asymmetry using the collection model system. Primar design direction was a Jack the Ripper inspired set for the worgen. In early drafts I even had loose chains hanging from his hands.
- For the druid I wanted to find a middle ground between Gilneas and Druidisms. A set that could be worn by the gilnean Harvest Witches.
- (Mage) This one was meant to have a very aristrocat-ish aura to him. Fine clothing, gold adornment all around.
- (Priest) A design element that was everywhere in early concept art of Gilneas were the lanterns.




- (Warrior) For this set I wanted to explore a full set of armor made of wood inspired by the Spiritshield Mask helmet in Zul'aman
- (DK) The Darkspear introduced as to Bwonsamdi during Zalazane's Fall, so it felt just right to have this set based on the Loa of Death.
- (Shaman) At the time I drew a bit of inspiration from a troll seen in the cinematics, often referenced as "Zappy Boy" in the community.
- (Druid) As the first troll druid to appear in WoW was using a tiger form, I went for that theme. This first draft was a bit too cartoony and hence I revisited it.









Warriors get two versions in this one, the Bruiser and Footbomb.









PANDAREN (Alliance)











- I felt that the current heritage armor set is a good fit for warriors already, so I explored a different theme. I decided for a blacksmith inspired design to give its own distinct identity.
- The set is meant to along with the Dark Iron Paladin mount. As the Dark Irons are a more darker/sinister race, I want its design to be more threatening. On the back he would have the libram hanging from his belt.
- (Shaman) Ragnaros is a big part of the Dark Iron lore, so I thought fire would be a good thing to design around.
- (Hunter) It started out with a more simple dark iron version of a rifleman. But I've been reminded of the corehounds and thought, they could be a neat hook to spice it up.
- For the dwarven rogues, it was important to me to leave their beards exposed. Since I didn't want another hood, I went with a mask, which was actually inspired by Fable Bandits.
- To give the dark iron monk a unique spin, I went for an innkeeper theme. I wanted to avoid a brimmed hat, so I tried out the
- (Priest) The "Black Anvil" is an important artifact for the Dark Iron dwarves, so it was a good fit as a theme for the set. I tried also a helmet version instead of the hood, but I decided the hood worked better.
- (Mage) I went for a king-y approach as Sorcerers have an important role in Dark Iron society, including the Sorcerer-Thane Thaurissan in BRD.
- (Warlock) My initial design went for a pure fiery look with a lot of reds and yellows. Overtime, I realized that it didn't stand out so I tested other options: after testing fel green I went with this shadow flame direction.




- (Warrior) This set is based on the Blackrock Clan while taking aspects from Blackhand's design. While there is already a pretty good Blackrock Set, the newest tech allows new possibilities with 3d elements for the gloves and boots.
- (Shaman) I decided to go with a Frostwolf clan themed set. While there was a Frostwolf set in WoD, it was only available to leather classes, while Shaman & Hunters were unable to use it.
- (Hunter) This one is based on the Thunderlord Clan. Similar to the Blackrock set, there was a set themed around them already in the game. But with the new tech available since Legion, new ways to design armor are possible.
- (Rogue) This one is based on the shattered hand clan encountered in WoD. Since the armor is intended for player characters, I refrained from replacing the hand, to allow players to use any weapon they want.
- (Monk) My initial plan was to make a Burning Blade monk like I did with my orc armor line. But some of the WoD "monks" were Laughing Skull orcs, so I decided to give this direction a go.
- This one focuses on the Shadowmoon Clan and their Darkcaster Shadow Priests. The helmet is also in reference to Ner'zhul's skull facepaint.
- (Mage) The Bleeding Hollow clan didn't receive a proper design of their own in WoD, instead using armor from classic. For that reason I wanted to base on set at least around them.




In comparision to the Thunderbluff Tauren, I decided to not use Totems as part of the design. That is due to various totems being available either trough the heritage armor or useable items from a vendor in their capital city.
- (Warrior) Themed after the Bloodtotem Tribe.
- (Shaman) Based on the Rivermane Tribe.
- (Hunter) Based on the Skyhorn tribe.
- (Druid) Based around Eche'ro. As Cenarius blessed Huln Highmountain due to him saving Eche'ro, I thought it would be a fitting theme for the Druid set.
- (Monk) Based on the Drogbar. As the Stonedark Drogbar played their part in uniting the Highmontain tauren, I wanted to give them a little nod through one of the sets.




- (Warrior) Based on Spellblade Aluriel of the Nighthold Raid, I felt this direction offers a distinct design with a more elite appeal. I was thinking of going with a more regular Suramar guard look, but I felt it would be look like low level gear.
- (Hunter) Based on Nighthuntress Syrenne, rare spawn and hunter champion.
- Inspired by Arluin, an NPC you encounter during the Suramar questline. For rogues I wanted the gear being based more on the style worn by the civilians instead of the military/royalty.
- (Monk) This design is based on the Arcan'dor tree. As storywise it represents the nightborne being freed from their mana thirst, I felt it would be a good fit for the monk.
- (Priest) Based on Star Augur Etraeus. While he isn't a priest, I felt the design would be a good and distinct fit nonetheless.
- (Mage) Inspired by some nightborne gear as well as Grand Magistrix Elisande
- (Warlock) Went with a general nightborne design with the legion colour scheme. Initially I was thinking about mixing in some Nightfallen design elements like rags, giving them an outcast vibe, but I decided against it in the end.




- For the warrior I wanted to keep the Crystal elements to a minimum to differentiate it from the Paladin. In the first designs I wanted to give it "armored forehead" akin to the Aegis set from Ulduar, but it evolved into a full helmet over time.
- For the Lightforged Paladin I wanted to make a set inspired by the WoW Judgement set, but mixed with Draenei/Naruu design elements.
- (Hunter) With the regular draenei I had a "ranger" approach to its design. For the Lightforged I wanted a more high tech design, hence the stronger use of crystals in its design.
- (Mage) In the first draft, the colour scheme was very similar to the Priest set. To make it more distinct I decided to use silver as the main colour.




- The warrior draws the most from the existing heritage armor, but also influenced by armor worn by the Highelven Swordman unit in the warcraft 3 campaign. Also, making stronger use of the "void crystals".
- (Hunter) For the ranger I wanted to make something akin to a ranger, but with a twist of their own. What if instead of a quiver, they used the void to create arrows from nothing? To help that idea I gave him one "mutated" arm.
- For the rogue, I made the decision to not give him a mask in a traditional sense. Why cover your face if you can hide it in a shroud of void energy?
- (Monk) The eye motif was born from the idea of the "third eye". I initially wanted to have the helmet be a third eye, but wasn't happy with the results. In general,
- (Priest) Influenced by Voidcallers and one of the first Voidelf items found in the files, a lantern off-hand, I decided to make lanterns a design element for this class.
- I wanted the mage to be more traditional than the other voidelf classes, so I didn't go crazy with Voideffects. One thing I am curious about is if it possible to give players similar sleeves like Lor'themar Teron in his newest model in WoW
- The Warlock is meant to be the most liberal user of Void energy, displayed by void tentacles grasping from his shoulder pads into our reality.




- As Mechagnomes have replaceable limbs, I wanted to use the fact to give the Warrior "beefier" arms. This one is of a more experimental nature because of that.
- (DK) A small nod to the Terminator Skeleton felt like a good fit to Mechagnomes.
- (Rogue) For them I wanted to go with the Junker theme. Gnomes going through the heaps and stealing parts.
- (Monk) The general idea with the Mechagnomes was: How would a Mechagnome enhance himself for his role? As the 'martial art' class, I decided to give the monk additional arms as part of their "shoulderpads".
- For the Mage I combined gears into his design, which should spin and possibly glow during spellcasts.
- (Warlock) As part of this character I felt he needed a fuel tank filled with fel energy to further enhance his capabilities as a warlock.
- (Tinker new class) As always, there is my little push for Tinkers on Gnomes and Goblins. The backpack is inspired by the robot fought at the end of the Mechagon dungeon.




Once again, thanks to Arthur "Handclaw" Lorenz for this truly incredible and massive piece of fan art, showcasing the amazing creativity and passion the WoW community can produce! Perhaps even Blizzard might take note here and have a chat with the man?

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Blizzard should hire this guy. This is one of the most creative and imaginative sets I've ever seen. For Christ sake, he even did the Alliance and Horde Pandaren.

Now THAT is dedication

Edit: Someone send this to Asmongold or Preacher or Nobbel. I want to see their reaction

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new info
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Worgen Priest, Kul Tiran Warrior, Dark Iron Shaman, Human Hunter, Night Elf and Tauren Death Knight are my pics!

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There are some great concepts in here (and some decidedly meh ones) and the fact that one guy did them all is really impressive.

But if you think for one second that drawing a concept from one angle is anywhere near close to the effort needed to sculpt and texture a single model for a single gender, nevermind THIS many?

You're looking at an expansion's worth of asset dev time, probably more than one. Keep dreaming


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the effort, creativity and inspiration for almost all of the individual gear sets is mindblowing. Hire this guy indeed.


This would take months of work to actually realise in-game, but this will make an incredible portfolio for the artist! The least Blizzard should do is learn from his class/race fantasy and adopt some of his insights (preferrably giving the artist credit)

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This art is all I want the game to be, its just amasing. No more Titans and stuff, back to basics and explore the old and more simple lore. The way you have captured the essence of each race and their history in these armor sets is so freaking awesome. Love it.
The shapes and patterns and the use of wood is something I hope we could get in-game, it is just so well done.  

It would be a dream to have an armor set so true to the lore.

I'm not drawn to the current armor sets in wow, I don't think they capture the style and theme of the raids that well. And can't wrap my head around, that my Troll shaman should wear Titan or Naga armor? But maybe thats just me?





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well i had to create an user just so i can comment on this amazing art

these sets remember me about some of the most amazing sets available in game right now which are mop challenge sets

just hire this guy

good style and nice details



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Absolutely incredible work! Not just the level of detail and beauty of each individual armor set, but each one manages to capture the feel of the class, without losing the feel of the race at the same time. Stunning! If Blizzard hired him as a full-time artist and dedicated one or more devs to creating his designs in-game, then it would be money very well-spent on their part. 

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Are you fuckin kidding me? These sets look sick af! It makes me want to lvl all classes on all races just so that I can have them all! Blizzard! Don't let this be forgotten!

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      Enchanting Fixed an issue where Enriched Earthen Shard was appearing underground. Engineering Fixed an issue where Tinker: Plane Displacer was not properly going on cooldown if it malfunctioned. Lilliam Sparkspindle will now offer Alliance players the option to unlearn and change their Classic Engineering Gnomish and Goblin specializations. Herbalism Fixed an issue where Rich Soil was spawning too quickly. Quests
      Fixed an issue causing players above level 60 to be unable to enter certain legacy quest scenarios. A small number of characters who were able to able access a Renown Campaign early have had their access corrected. However, characters who have already started the Campaign questline will be allowed to finish it. The Azure Span Fixed an issue where Kraunot could become unattackable during “A Wrestle of Wind and Water.” Ohn’ahran Plains Fixed an issue where characters could be unable to complete “Shady Sanctuary.”" Thaldraszus
      Fixed an issue where Therazane could be killed in the Black Empire. Players attempting to turn in “Race Through Time” could be knocked off the platform by the opposing faction preventing quest completion. The Black Empire is now flagged as a sanctuary to prevent this from occurring. Fixed an issue where the starting location for “Moving On” was in the wrong location on the map. Reputation
      Dragonscale Expedition Fixed an issue with Ancient Waygates. Players who hit Rank 7 may begin their adventures in exploring these curious ancient stones, scattered throughout the Dragon Isles. Fixed an issue where players were unable to begin the Ancient Waygate questline. Maruuk Centaur Fixed an issue where “Sharing the Bounty” was not appearing at different Renown levels.
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