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I have gone away from the damage pumpers in favor of more aggressive minions.  I find the burn plus the hero power is generally enough damage that it doesnt warrant taking less effective minions to buff the damage (especially since you have no way of buffing them). 


This deck is all about controlling or stalling the board with spells while you beat them down with your minions.


2 Arcane Missiles...good early damage (or late if you've cleared the board) and somewhat chancy minion removal

2 Mirror Image...great stall card

2 Mana Wyrm...great coin play w/'Image on the 1st round

2 Frostbolt...good minion removal, good stall card and can go to the dome to seal the win

2 Sorcerer's Apprentice...good round 2 beatdown minion w/a very good effect (great 1st round w/coin and 'Missiles or 'Image)

2 Amani Beserker...2/3 that you can pump

2 Arcane Intelect...card draw when you need it

2 Raging Worgen...3/3 that you can pump

2 Fireball...great minion removal or to the dome to seal the win

2 Polymorph...when there's just no other way to get rid of a minion this will do it

2 Chillwind Yeti...solid 4/5

2 Water Elemental...solid 3/6 beat down minion w/a great freeze effect

2 Blizzard...I actually like this better than Flamestrike

2 Boulderfist Ogre...great 6/7 finisher

2 Flamestrike...clears the board just when you need it

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Nice deck, I've been tweaking my mage deck a bit and this has worked out fairly well so far.  I swapped out the 2 Boulderfist Ogre's for a Frost Elemental 5/5 with a freeze battlecry and a Molten Giant.  I've only played about 10 hands with it but it's 8-2 with about 6 people conceding.  I'm fairly new and admittedly still learning but this one has started out well.  I may try just one Flamestrike and pick up another lower cost card.  I agree I like Blizzard better and I think one should be enough.  

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