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Log analysis : help me help our arcane mage on Garrosh

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Currently we're wiping on Garrosh learning the fight.


But my main issue atm is our mage (557), specced arcane, who seem to be underperforming on the dps front.


He's on engineer duty so of course, a drop in dps is expected, but i feel from looking at his logs that even during P2, his dps is too low (between 100 and 200K dps on garrosh); i also think he has troubles with his opener as he doesn't go very high.


So if you can help me analyze his logs, i will direct him here to read your comments.


here is our best try : http://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/PzKj89y76HbahG4k/#source=496&type=damage-done&fight=61&target=507


And his armory : http://eu.battle.net/wow/fr/character/elune/Lomendra/simple


Thanks !

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A few things that catch my attention immediately:

First of all, Living Bomb uptime is too low, that's a big part of your damage.


And then I turn my eye to the Buffs section and I notice he has 41.70% uptime on Rune of Power. And that is basically where it goes wrong. Arcane can't do proper DPS without staying in the Rune and maintaining high mana levels. 


I took a random rank from WoL and found that for Arcane mages ranking on that boss he should have basically double his rune of power uptime, and 20% extra living bomb uptime, and that is excluding rotational issues, snapshotting, cooldown usage, mana management, etc.


My initial advise to him would be to figure out how to play well with the rune. Is this DPS issue a recurring issue? Or is it only on Garrosh?

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First, why on earth would you send an arcane mage to do the engineer, when you have a hunter?


Second, there are some issues, when I look at his log.

  • He only uses his dps cooldowns like Arcane Power and Mirror Images once at the beginning of the fight, they should be used more or less on cooldown.
  • He doesn't use Alter Time to extend trinket procs and Arcane Power at all during the fight, it should be used with Arcane Power when at least one trinket is up.
  • He doesn't use dps potions, he should prepot and use a second potion during Bloodlust in phase 3.
  • His Rune of Power uptime is only at 41%. Being on engineers probably doesn't help this. It's difficult to keep up the rune in this fight, because of the transition phases., but it should be at least 80%.

Also worth mentioning is that he doesn't have the legendary meta gem or cloak yet, which hurts his dps a lot.

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