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Original WoW Designer on World Buffs and Their Creation/Purpose

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World Buffs are a very important part of the Classic raiding experience, both for the top-end, speed running guilds as well as a lot of the less hardcore ones, and the buffs themselves are somewhat controversial as they require a lot of additional coordination and effort, as well as pressure as 1 wipe will get a whole lot of people angry.

One of three original World of Warcraft designers, Kevin Jordan, aka "the guy that designed all the spells in the game", has been talking about the buffs and how they came to be, as well as exploring why they're so important in Classic right now.

"Just a bunch of dudes making content that was cool" is just the greatest thing to hear, as it showcases both the perhaps more creative way the game was developed and the problems that come with that more "free" way of doing things. He does also talk about logs and how he understands why players would use them there, and the discussion in the reddit thread is also an interesting read, going into the fast 1 night BWL and MC clears that utilize the buffs to be efficient etc.


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    • By Stan
      We have another interesting video where 33 Hunters defeat Onyxia in 58 seconds.
      Redditor Gunzbngbng explains that every Hunter with the 8/8 Tier 2 bonus adds 9 DPS to every other Hunter in the raid and the effect stacks, so if you have two Hunters, one with and one without the set bonus, it attributes 18 DPS, but if both hunters have the set bonus, it will be 36 DPS, meaning that every Hunter added exponentially increases the output of the set bonus. As a result, the players were able to kill Onyxia in just 58 seconds. Congrats to the speed kill!
      Logs are available over on WarcraftLogs.

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      Well, this was the inevitable final outcome of all the special raid compositions, from all druid to all paladin, shaman etc, the endgame has always been all naked it seems. We have 40 absolute madlads (and madladies) taking on Onyxia with nothing but their pride equipped (and one warlock who put on a trinket accidentally mid fight through an accidental key-bind click, so I guess the run is null and void!!11), so that's no weapons, gear, trinkets, nothing.
      It is a truly terrifying world out there with the crazy amount of world buffs indeed. As you'd expect, this is the least warriors ever seen in a Classic raid, as they tend to be pretty useless without weapons, but we did have 12 mages, 7 warlocks, 3 hunters, 1 ret pally, 1 shadow priest and 1 balance druid as DPS, 8 priests, 5 holy palas and 1 resto druid as healers and a single prot pala tank. Here's the Warcraft Logs page for more details and here's the video:
      Big congrats to them on this very fun achievement!
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      We have a big change to the anti-botting measures put in place for instance farming, as the limit of 30 instances per day has been moved to a per-character basis instead of a per-realm one! It should be as effective against bots, but much less so to real players.
      July 8 (source)
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      The Blessings have outperformed the totems for now, and the raid composition saw the usual melee stack, with 22 warriors, 5 rogues,  6 priests, 3 paladins, 1 mage, 1 warlock, 1 druid and 1 hunter. You can check out all of the run's stats here.

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