Warrior "House of Pain"

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Starting to fine tune my Warrior deck since I snagged a Gorehowl in a random pack.  You can use your minion pumpers to double as minion removal depending on the situation. 


House of Pain:


2 Inner Rage

2 Execute

2 Upgrade!

2 Whirlwind

2 Fiery War Axe

2 Slam

2 Amani Berserker

2 Cruel Taskmaster

2 Shieldblock

2 Acolyte of Pain

2 Raging Worgen

2 Arathi Weaponsmith

2 Kor'Kron Elite

2 Gurubashi Berserker

1 Spiteful Smith

1 Gorehowl




The only rare is Upgrade! and if you don't have it just sub a couple of Elven Archers until you pick it up.


And if you don't have a Gorehowl remove the Spiteful Smith and use 2 Boulderfist Ogre.


There are a number of synergistic plays in this deck.  Inner Rage, Whirlwind, Slam, Cruel Taskmaster can all be used to damage your own minions.  Amani Berserker, Acolyte of Pain, Raging Worgen, Gurubashi Berserker and Spiteful Smith all have effects triggered by damage.  You have card drawing in Slam, Shieldblock and the Acolyte. 


Favorite plays so far: 1st turn, coin + Amani Berserker + Inner Rage (7/2).    Had a Gurubashi, Worgen and an Acolyte in play and cast Whirlwind, drawing Execute, removed thier Fen and attacked for the win.  At 12 health (my opponent is on 14) looking at 2 Fire Elementals with 1 card in hand, Slam to my own Acolyte (only minion I had in play) draw 2 cards play Kor'Kron and Inner Rage him then finished with the already equipped Gorehowl.



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