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Help with Frost Mage

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I have been following the Askmrrobot gems and enchants, but I get the idea that I am not pulling the numbers I am supposed to.

Here is a link to World of Logs of my guilds last SoO clear: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/f60rulgnglgihzc1/details/19/
And here is a link to my armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/silvermoon/Chitanda/simple

I read somewhere that the 14242 haste build would be better and I was curious if that is actually the case and why it would be better than stacking haste, like recommended by AMR.

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AMR is there to calculate stuff for you but you have to give it the right stat weights and breakpoints first. Don't trust the default weights.


Personally I'd drop to 14242 and pick up a normal mode KTT to swap for BBoY.


Here's what I do to my AMR weights:




Picking out IJ and Malk from the logs as they're pretty straight forward single target fights. Your Invokers Energy on IJ was very good, on Malk it was 100% though, you shouldn't actually aim to have it at literally 100%, you should cast for the full 60 seconds before reapplying. Sometimes though you can clip a second if you're on the final tick of meta, for example, and get a faster evocate out. It's not a major thing though just something to think about. You're obviously doing well with Invokers.


On both fights however your bomb uptime is a little low. LB can be refreshed after the last tick, and before expiry, and it will still explode for full damage. That, coupled with the fact we can often refresh slightly early with procs, means LB should be higher than 88%. Focus on working with your meta and trinket procs to maximise bomb damage (especially with that much haste).


Trinket RNGesus really screwed you on Malk it would seem since your Bindings didn't even proc until halfway through the fight o.o damn that's rough.


On Gala and Spoils you should use NT and focus on dotting a lot more especially since you're got the 18.9k break point atm. You only had 60% LB on spoils, you can get a lot more out of NT there.

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First of all, welcome to the 'love/hate bindings relationship'. I should point out that AskMrRobot's 'stat weights' are not really stat weights per se in the sense that we use them. Their function is twofold; in the first place to optimise gear, and in the second place for item comparison. You could really take haste 1.3 mastery 1.2 crit 1.1 and still get the same results. For item comparison, stat weights do actually make sense, but then you need to have accurate weights first.


I won't become too technical but the idea behind the 14242 haste cap is that you have 50% raid buffed haste, which is the global cooldown cap, the point at which the cooldown of your instants such as ice lance is 1.0 second. Above 14242 instants no longer scale directly with haste. There is no clear cut answer; one build is not necessarily better than the other, though they do have different strengths and weaknesses. It is generally accepted however, that because the 'high haste' build emphasises a lot on snapshotting, it is considered more difficult.


Durrty already did the analysis part. He's a hero.

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