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My Lost Vikings Guide

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* * I am not sure if this is the right location for this so please tell me if I made a mistake

Hello, I am a TLV main with 72% winrate and I thought I could give some advice to anyone who wants to learn them. I'll be happy to answer any questions or look at suggestions from others. 

The backbone of how I build:

Bribery -> Merc Overlord -> SpintoWin -> PlayAgain -> Jump -> Charge -> Fury

 - With this build, up until 13 you should mostly soak and cap camps. If your team is doing so good after 13 you can teamfight, by diving with all vikes at the enemy squishies with SpintoWin and attacking until they cast AoE, which is when you escape with Jump. At 16, you can start ganking enemies, soaking lanes, or actually teamfighting if you're micros are good. At 20 though, it's either pushing really hard and putting pressure or staying with the team and waiting for the right dive to use the combo I mentioned before. 


    -At 16 with the build i listed, you can easily gank mages, by stunning them allowing you to cause a lot of initial damage, and as soon as they cast, you jump them and continue beating them but also watching out for any other AoE abilities. 

    - At 10 with Merc Overlord, you can get bosses alone and is usually best to do so when there is an objective far from the boss.

    - Stealing turrets with bribery and empowering them with merc overlord, can help in teamfights early. Try collecting for each vike and stacking them on enemies for major damage. 

    - Learn to micro without having to think.  

Although there are situations where I deviate from my build listed here:

Level 1

- Bribery is the best choice on any map with 2merc camps. It should be used to quickly steal enemy camps. Your team camps should be capped manually. 

- Explosive Attacks or Olaf Stout is good for any map without 2merc camps. Allowing Baleog to push lanes harder and clear camps quicker or Olaf to peel, especially against melee or auto heroes. 

- Spy games is only useful in maps with cast cap objectives allowing Erik to delay enemies like towers of doom. Picking this means you have to pick Erik the Switch talent, so that he doesn't get killed so quickly. 

Level 4

- Merc Overlord is the best choice for any map besides towers of doom. 

- Pain don't hurt isn't really useful unless there's only one enemy actually focusing Baleog in lanes and you also chose explosive attacks.

- Erik the swift is a good choice in towers of doom to keep poking enemies capping towers.

- Sabotage, is only good if you don't plan on splitting vikings and doing as much damage as you can in one lane...In other words not useful

Level 7

- Spin to win is the best choice, considering it does major damage to heroes now and is good for waveclear. In cursed hollow, this is essential for all vikes to kill off minions quick. 

- Baleog the fierce is good for clearing camps quick and 2 lane maps for hard pushes. Use it on maps without 2merc camps. 

- Norse Force is ok, but would be useless with jump. If you need shields in a fight, its a good sign that you should probably get out. 

Level 10

- Play Again! is the only good one 

- Longboat should only be used to troll a team, that has no chance of winning. 

Level 13

- Jump allows escapes from ganks. Prevents burst damage, stops poisons, cancels CC, escape body blocks. Basically making all Vikings live longer in team fights. This is the best choice  imo

- While it does uncover invisible heroes, most likely their going to kill you before the flame can even touch them. Nova is ranged, Zeratul has teleports. The only situation that requires Hunka is to destroy Zagara's creep. 

-  Nordic is only useful if the enemy has no burst damage or AoE, unless you plan on suiciding for a kill. 

Level 16

- 64kb I have never touched because jump already takes away cc if atleast one viking can cast it.

- Charge is really the only good talent, since it can stop enemies from running/chasing, and catching someone slipping. Also good for ganks on solo laners. 

- Impatience is only good if you're soaking 100% of the game or you're team already has stuns

- Executioner is ok, but are you really gonna have 3 vikings hitting an enemy with no cc?

Level 20

- Sequel is useless and if you die enough for it to be good, then you shouldn't play vikings on ranked. 

- Like sequel, the heroic upgrades are useless and should never be touched. 

- Fury of the storm is the only talent you should be picking since it gives each viking more damage and AoE.


Enemies to watch out for: 

Alarak - stack sadism on you

Butcher - stack meats on you... although if you know how to micro all 3 vikings and keep butcher from healing himself, you can kill him. 

Li Ming - avoid fighting liming if she has Calamity. 

My YouTube for short plays:


Heroes of the Storm 5_29_2020 10_00_04 AM.png

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