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Shadowlands Alpha Build 34821: Class Changes

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We have plenty of Warlock and Warrior class changes that went live in this week's Shadowlands Alpha Build 34821!

Death Knight

  • Frost Fever Frost Fever is now available to all specializations, not just Frost.



  • Unholy Pact Unholy Pact (level 100 talent) - Dark Transformation creates an unholy pact between you and your pet, igniting flaming chains that deal [ 10% 375% of Attack Power ] Shadow damage every over 15 sec to enemies between you for 15 sec and your pet.






  • Chain Lightning Chain Lightning Each If Chain Lightning hits more than 1 target, each target hit by your Chain Lightning increases the damage of your next Crash Lightning by 20%.
  • Windfury Attack Windfury Attack - Imbue your main-hand weapon with the element of Wind for 30 min. Each hit main-hand attack has a 25% chance to trigger two extra attacks, dealing [ 10.8% of Attack Power ] Physical damage each.



  • Unstable Affliction Unstable Affliction - Afflicts the target with [ 120% 184% of Spell Power ] Shadow damage over 16 sec. If dispelled, deals [ 135% 207% of Spell Power ] damage to the dispeller and silences them for 4 sec. Limit 1.
  • Malefic Rapture Malefic Rapture - Your damaging periodic effects erupt on all targets within line of sight, causing [ bc100% of Spell Power ] Shadow damage per effect.

PvP Talents

  • Soulshatter Soulshatter (PvP talent) - Consumes all of your Corruption effects on the 5 nearest enemies within 40 yards, dealingup to 10% of their maximum health in Shadow damage. For each enemy hit by Soulshatter, you gain 10% Haste for 15 sec a Soul Shard.
  • Malignant Affliction <NYI> Malignant Affliction - New PvP talent added.
    • Unstable Affliction is no longer limited to 1 target, but deals 10% less damage. If your Unstable Affliction is dispelled, you instantly gain 15% Haste for 10 sec.


  • Summon Demonic Tyrant Summon Demonic Tyrant now generates 5 Soul Shards.
  • Call Dreadstalkers Call Dreadstalkers (Rank 2) added.
    • Reduces the cast time of Call Dreadstalkers by 0.5 sec, and teaches your Dreadstalkers how to pursue targets faster.
  • Summon Demonic Tyrant Summon Demonic Tyrant (Rank 2) added.
    • Summoning your Demonic Tyrant instantly generates 5 Soul Shards.
  • Fel Firebolt Fel Firebolt (Rank 2) added.
    • Teaches your Wild Imps how to spend 20% less energy when casting Fel Firebolt.


  • Demonic Calling Demonic Calling (level 30 talent) - Shadow Bolt and Demonbolt have a 20% chance to make your next Call Dreadstalkers cost 1 2 less Soul Shards and have no cast time.
  • Power Siphon Power Siphon (level 30 talent) - Instantly sacrifice up to 2 Wild Imps to generate Imps, generating 2 charges of Demonic Core that cause Demonbolt to deal 30% additional damage.
  • Demonic Consumption Demonic Consumption (level 100 talent) -  Your Demonic Tyrant Demon Commander now destroys and absorbs the remaining power of all drains 15% of the life from your Wild Imps demon servants to empower himself.


  • Rain of Fire Rain of Fire (Rank 2) added.
    • Rain of Fire deals 30% additional damage.
  • Summon Infernal Summon Infernal (Rank 2) added.
    • Your Infernal Awakening deals 150% additional damage on impact.
  • Havoc Havoc (Rank 2) added.
    • Havoc lasts 2 seconds longer.


  • Soul Fire Soul Fire (level 15 talent) - Burns the enemy's soul, dealing [ 100% 300% of Spell Power ] Fire damage. Cooldown is reduced by 2 sec for every Soul Shard you spend. Causes your next Incinerate to become instant. Generates 4 1 Soul Shard Fragments Shard. Cast time changed from 1.5 to 4 seconds. Cooldown increased from 20 to 60 seconds.
  • Internal Combustion Internal Combustion (level 30 talent) - Chaos Bolt consumes up to 5 7 sec of Immolate's damage over time effect on your target, instantly dealing that much damage.
  • Shadowburn Shadowburn (level 30 talent) - Blasts a target for [ 60% 130% of Spell Power ] Shadowflame damage, gaining 50% critical strike chance on low health targets. Restores 1 Soul Shard if the target dies within 5 seconds. Cost changed from 1% of Base Mana to 1 Soul Shard. Now has 1 charge (down from 2).
  • Cataclysm Cataclysm (level 60 talent) - Calls forth a cataclysm at the target location, dealing [ 200% 180% of Spell Power ] Shadowflame damage to all enemies within 8 yards and afflicting them with Immolate.
  • Roaring Blaze Roaring Blaze (level 90 talent) - Conflagrate burns increases your Fire damage to the target by 30% for an additional [ 48% of Spell Power ] Fire damage over 6 sec.
  • Grimoire of Supremacy named changed to Rain of Chaos Rain of Chaos (level 90 talent) - While you have an your initial Infernal is active, every Soul Shard you spend increases the damage of your Chaos Bolt by 8% has a 15% chance to summon an additional Infernal that lasts 10 sec.
  • Channel Demonfire Channel Demonfire (level 100 talent) - Launches 15 bolts of felfire over 3 sec at random targets afflicted by your Immolate within 40 yds. Each bolt deals [ 17.6% 19.36% of Spell Power ] Fire damage to the target and [ 7.7% of Spell Power ] Fire damage to nearby enemies.


  • Execute Execute - Attempts to finish off a foe, causing up to [ 224% 268.8% of Attack Power ] Physical damage based on Rage spent. Only usable on enemies that have less than 20% health.
  • Ravager Ravager - Throws a whirling weapon at the target location that inflicts [ 296.8% chases nearby enemies, inflicting [ 254.4% of Attack Power ] Physical damage and applying Deep Wounds to up to 8 enemies within 8 yards over 7 12 sec.


  • Overpower Overpower - Overpower increases damage of your next Mortal Strike or Cleave by 20%.
  • Mastery: Deep Wounds Mastery: Deep Wounds
    • Normal: Mortal Strike and Bladestorm inflict Deep Wounds, dealing [ 60% of Attack Power ] Bleed damage over 12 sec and increasing the damage the enemy takes from you by 8.8%.
    • Cleave: Mortal Strike, Cleave, and Bladestorm inflict Deep Wounds, dealing [ 60% of Attack Power ] Bleed damage over 12 sec and increasing the damage the enemy takes from you by 8.8%.
    • Ravager: Mortal Strike and Ravager inflict Deep Wounds, dealing [ 60% of Attack Power ] Bleed damage over 12 sec and increasing the damage the enemy takes from you by 8.8%.
  • Mortal Strike Mortal Strike - A vicious strike that deals [ 127% 120% of Attack Power ] Physical damage and reduces the effectiveness of healing on the target by 25% for 10 sec.


  • Collateral Damage Collateral Damage removed and replaced with Collateral Damage Collateral Damage (level 75 talent).
    • When Sweeping Strikes ends, your next Whirlwind deals 25% increased damage for each ability used during Sweeping Strikes that damaged a second target.
  • Cleave Cleave (level 75 talent) - Strikes up to 5 enemies in front of you for [ 157% 70% of Attack Power ] Physical damage, inflicting Deep Wounds. Only usable after Whirlwind hits 3 or more targets. Cleave will consume your Overpower effect to deal increased damage. Cleave now replaces Sweeping Strikes and has a 6 sec cooldown.
  • Ravager Ravager - Throws a whirling weapon at the target location that inflicts [ 296.8% chases nearby enemies, inflicting [ 254.4% of Attack Power ] Physical damage and applying Deep Wounds to up to 8 enemies within 8 yards over 7 12 sec. Replaces Bladestorm. Cooldown decreased to 45 seconds (from 60 seconds).


  • Fury Warrior Fury Warrior (Aura) - Bladestorm - Increases damage/healing by 20%.
  • Titan's Grip Titan's Grip - Allows you to dual-wield a pair of two-handed weapons. Two-handed weapons deal more damage, and provide more Strength and Stamina, than one-handed weapons.
  • Bloodthirst Bloodthirst - Requires Two-Handed Melee Weapon.
  • Recklessness Recklessness - Now generates 40 Rage (down from 100).
  • Raging Blow Raging Blow - Requires Two-Handed Melee Weapon.
  • Single-Minded Fury Single-Minded Fury (passive) added. While dual-wielding a pair of one-handed weapons, your damage done is increased by 8% and your movement speed is increased by 5%.


  • Inner Rage Inner Rage (level 15 talent) removed.
  • Fresh Meat Fresh Meat is now a level 15 talent (was 45).
  • Onslaught Onslaught is now a level 45 talent (was 75). Generates 10 15 Rage.
  • Frothing Berserker Frothing Berserker (level 75 talent) When you reach 100 Rage you gain 10% Haste and Rampage has a 20% movement speed for 6 sec chance to immediately refund 40 Rage.
  • Fervor of Battle Fervor of Battle (level 75 talent) removed.
  • Seethe Seethe new level 75 talent added.
    • Bloodthirst generates 2 more Rage, or 4 more Rage when it critically strikes your primary target.
  • Cruelty Cruelty - While Enraged, Raging Blow deals 20% more damage and has a 30% chance to instantly reset its own cooldown.
  • Dragon Roar Dragon Roar (level 90 talent) - Roar explosively, dealing [ 170% of Attack Power ] Physical damage to all enemies within 12 yds and reducing their movement speed by 50% yds. Dragon Roar critically strikes for 6 sec 3 times normal damage. Cooldown changed from 35 to 30 seconds. 
  • Wrecking Ball Wrecking Ball (level 90 talent) removed.
  • Meat Cleaver Meat Cleaver (new level 90 talent) added.
    • Whirlwind deals 30% more damage and now affects your next 4 single-target melee attacks, instead of the next 2 attacks.
  • Reckless Abandon Reckless Abandon (level 100 talent) - Recklessness generates 100 20 more Rage and lasts 4 sec longer greatly empowers Bloodthirst and Raging Blow.



  • Crackling Thunder Crackling Thunder (level 60 talent) - Increases the radius of Thunder Clap Thunder Clap's radius is incrased by 50%, and it reduces movement speed by 50% an additional 10%.
  • Dragon Roar Dragon Roar (level 90 talent) - Roar explosively, dealing [ 170% of Attack Power ] Physical damage to all enemies within 12 yds and reducing their movement speed by 50% yds. Dragon Roar critically strikes for 6 sec 3 times normal damage. Cooldown changed from 35 to 30 seconds. 
  • Ravager Ravager (level 100 talent) - Throws a whirling weapon at the target location that inflicts [ 296.8% chases nearby enemies, inflicting [ 254.4% of Attack Power ] Physical damage to up to 8 enemies within 8 yards over 7 12 sec. Generates 10 Rage each time it deals damage. Cooldown changed from 60 to 45 seconds.

More Shadowlands Class Changes

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Latest Shadowlands Alpha Build 34821 News

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      Recipe unlocks are account-wide, including generic powers (a la Prydaz or Sephuz-type effects from Legion), so alts automatically have access to them from the start. The recipes will also come from various sources; we had Essences drop from raid bosses, Mythic+, PvP, and the same will apply to Legendary Armor recipes, meaning they won't come exclusively from Torghast.
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      The interviews didn't stop after our last recap, as several more streamers got to chat with Blizzard devs and we found out some new things and more details on older ones as well! Among the things mentioned in the three interviews were legendary recipe drop location logic, Counduit stacking and then being non-reusable, you'll lose half your Stygia on death, more than one legendary equipable later in the expansion, no mounts or World Quest map markers at all in the Maw and more.
      A big chunk of info came from PandaTV's interview with Ion Hazzikostas:
      The pre-patch (which we found out will be coming a few weeks before the expansion's release) will see Corruptions going away entirely, while Azerite Essences and Armor will simply be disabled in the Shadowlands. We'll also be getting a blog next week detailing everything that will become unobtainable with the pre-patch.
      As for legendaries, the recipe unlocks will be account-wide, drop locations will be related to the legendary effects themselves (so something like Sephuz would be coming from PvP), and as we know legendaries will be earned faster than their Legion counterparts.
      Same Counduit stacking in different slots might not be intended, as Ion isn't sure and it seems he prefers them not stacking as it adds more variety.
      You will get all of the previous floor rewards when finishing your run on any given Torghast floor. There will be a LFG tool update, but not at launch. New seasonal M+ affixes, first one will be easier and you will be able to swap weapons during a M+ run. Class changes will continue into the Beta, there couls till be new abilities and other changes, but no major revamps. Then we're on to Lordmons' interview with Morgan day, summarized by Wowhead, as the VoD is restricted to subs only:
      There is a currency unique to the Maw called Stygia and you lose up to half of what you have on death. There might be some issues balancing that with War Mode.

      The Pantheon of Death is on par with the Titans, they were part of a group that "established" the Shadowlands and the Arbiter is one of them. We might be able to equip more than one legendary power later on in the expansion. Covenants have cosmetic weapons that correspond with their armor transmog, which you can get via tokens that drop from SSire Denatrius from Castle Nathria. PvP currencies: weekly Conquest cap, vendor, and unlimited Honor gain. Sloot's interview with Paul Kubit delved deeper into the Maw and Conduits:
      Currently the plan is to not allow mounts at all in the Maw, it will be an entire zone on foot so it feels more dangerous. While regular mounts might eventually get introduced, flying will probably never become available. The zone is large so there might be lots of flights paths in there. If they do allow mounts, it will somehow play into the Eye of the Jailer mechanic.
      Certain areas of the Maw shouldn't be explored too early (presumably either before endgame or even in item level terms) and there will be signs or debuffs that will let you know you shouldn't be there.
      The Maw will be very different from other zones - there will be no World Quest markers on the world map, only on the minimap, adding to the sense of exploration and danger. As you explore it more you'll start remembering where the events/quests spawn and there might be some special items you can buy that will show you nearby events.

      The plan for Counduits at the moment is for them to not be reusable aka they will be destroyed when you slot them in over an existing one. They will also have item levels like regular loot.
      Average stays in the Maw can last from 25-40 minutes. The Eye of the Jailer debuff can be cleared back in your Covenant Sanctum for some Anima. There will probably be Anima catch up. There will be more of the Maw in patches after launch.
    • By Starym
      Today's hotfixes bring mana cost decreases for demo Warlocks, as well as an additional negative Corruption effect above 200 corruption, very probably in response to Rextroy's recent 27x Infinite Stars arena rampage.
      July 9 (source)
      Warlock Demonology The mana cost of Shadow Bolt has been reduced by 25%. The mana cost of Demonbolt has been reduced by 25%. Developers’ note: Demonology Warlocks are running out of mana in prolonged fights when using high levels of Haste so we’re reducing the mana costs of their most frequent rotational spells. Items and Rewards
      Corrupted Items [With regional restarts] Players with a Corruption level of 200 or higher will now receive an additional negative effect, Inescapable Consequences, which deals 25% of your maximum health in damage every second while you are in combat. Developers’ note: While Corruption's damage taken and healing received debuffs are substantial at high Corruption amounts, players possessed of particular ingenuity have constructed strategies allowing them to deal nearly infinite damage during brief windows when they themselves are immune to damage. It's important to us that players feel like they can play around with how much Corruption they can afford to wear, but we're setting a hard limit at 200 Corruption – going beyond that, N'Zoth’s dark power will defeat you.
    • By Starym
      Some probably good news for flying enthusiasts! No, we're not getting flying right off the bat in Shadowlands, it's not THAT good news. But, the pathfinder achievement(s) in Shadowlands will be getting a change, as we found out in HazelNuttyGames' interview with John Hight. The pathfinder achievement(s) will be based off of renown with your Covenant of choice, instead of requiring specific reputations, and from what Hight said in the interview, it may be the only thing required. That part seems unlikely, but it could be interpreted that way, as he specifically said that developing your renown will unlock flying eventually. No direct comments on when flying might happen, but it won't be in the first patch.

      Now, regardless of whether that's the only thing needed, it still seems like an improvement over the rep grinds, as renown will be a very important part of the Covenant experience and we'll probably want to get as much of it as possible anyway (and it also has catch up mechanics, unlike reps). Whether it will be slower or faster than the rep grinds remains to be seen (and will be different for different players), but so far it seems like a positive change, as it's connected to a base activity in the game instead of reputations, which you might have to grind for separately. This also might be a big issue for players that will be switching Covenants after a while, as presumably renown won't be following you from Covenant to Covenant, so this might be another sticking point with the players that have issues with Covenants and their limitations as it is.
      Here's the part of the interview related to fyling, but you can check the whole thing out as well:

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