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Twitch video still shows up in sidebar as premuim

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So I've been happily browsing icy-veins for years now (admittedly using an ad blocker), but I have been noticing lately that my internet browser keeps sucking up all my bandwidth whenever I'm browsing this site.  Since I have a pretty slow internet connection, it's kind of an issue for me, especially when I have this site open to reference while playing WoW.

Upon further investigation, I've discovered the cause to be an embedded twitch stream that shows up in the sidebar of this site above the author's name (see attachment).

So I bit the bullet and purchased a premium subscription, hoping that this would disable the embedded twitch stream, but sadly, that does not seem to be the case.

Ts there a way that I can disable this video as a premium subscriber?  If not, seeing as to how this stream does not add anything to the content of the article, nor seems to even be related to a Blizzard product (today's stream seems to be a FIFA tournament), is there a way that this could be removed from the site?


Edit:  Browsing from my laptop via the Opera GX browser.  This shows up on every icy-veins page.

Screenshot (85)_LI.jpg

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I'm so sorry for that. I messed up with this one and forgot to prevent it from loading for premium users. I've fixed it now, but let me know if you want a refund.

As for the ad itself, it's something that runs for a few hours a week (this week, we had it up for 3 hours last night and that's it). Could you tell me if you noticed that it played with sound?

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