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Overwolf Acquires CurseForge from Twitch

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Overwolf today informed the community that they acquired CurseForge, a popular WoW addon site, that previously belonged to Twitch.

In the press release below, you will find more information and also links to a curseforge.overwolf.com domain. We spoke with Avner Florenthal,  VP of Business Development at Overwolf, who told us that CurseForge will remain on curseforge.com.

Press Release



June 22, 2020 -- Overwolf, the all-in-one platform that enables creators to build, distribute, and monetize in-game apps, today announced their acquisition of CurseForge from Twitch. This strategic business move marks Overwolf's aggressive expansion in the market beyond in-game apps into game mods, and positions the company as the category leader.

With over 30,000 creators and a library of over 90,000 game mods and apps, Overwolf's mission is to be the home for in-game creators, who develop amazing experiences that enhance games and improve performance for the gamer. Overwolf has successfully supported the growth of professional developers in their pursuit of building incredible apps. Overwolf is dedicated to helping in-game creators earn a living, and this same level of commitment will now be transferred to mod authors by providing the technology, community, and resources to take professional in-game creation to new levels. The CurseForge mod manager for gamers will transition away from the Twitch client, and will become a standalone desktop app, as part of Overwolf's offering of apps. Tools and services around building and uploading mods will remain unaffected. 

"We've been deeply impressed by the level of passion and collaboration in the CurseForge modding community," said Tim Aldridge, Director of Engineering, Gaming Communities at Twitch. "CurseForge is an incredible asset for both creators and gamers. We are confident that the CurseForge community will thrive under Overwolf's leadership, thanks to their commitment to empowering developers."

Overwolf is committed to helping mod authors build, distribute and better monetize their products. The company believes that in-game creators, who consistently build amazing products used by gamers around the globe, should be recognized and rewarded for what they do by making a fair living off their work. As part of its mission to always put creators first, Overwolf has pledged to pay CurseForge mod authors 50% more by 2022, while not disrupting their current revenue streams.

Details of the transparent transitionary plan for both gamers and authors of mods can be found in the in-depth FAQ here: curseforge.overwolf.com

"CurseForge is the embodiment of how fostering a community of creators around games generates  value for both players and game developers," said Uri Marchand, Overwolf CEO. "As we move to onboard mods onto our platform, we're positioning Overwolf as the industry standard for building in-game creations."

About Overwolf

Overwolf is the guild for in-game creators. With over 30,000 creators and 12 million monthly active users, Overwolf is the all-in-one platform that enables creators to build, distribute, and monetize in-game apps and mods. Built for creators by creators, Overwolf is on a mission to unite the in-game creator community and empower them to make a living doing what they love - developing truly awesome gaming experiences. Based in Tel Aviv, Overwolf has raised $25 million to date from investors including Marker, Intel Capital and Liberty Media. 

About Twitch

Launched in 2011, Twitch is a global community that comes together each day to create multiplayer entertainment: unique, live, unpredictable experiences created by the interactions of millions. It brings the joy of co-op to everything, from casual gaming and world-class esports to anime marathons, music, and art streams. Twitch also hosts TwitchCon, the biggest community event of the year, where tens of thousands of people come together to celebrate and connect with others who share their interests and passions. We're always live at Twitch. Stay up to date on all things Twitch on Twitter and on our blog.  

The Overwolf Team

We've recently teamed up with Overwolf to bring you the Icy Heroes App, which is essentially an in-game overlay for Heroes of the Storm, and we're excited to see how they are going to make the WoW addon site even better!

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8 minutes ago, Stan said:

Overwolf, the all-in-one platform that enables creators to build, distribute, and monetize in-game apps.

Well get prepared to pay for Add-Ons.


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23 minutes ago, Reno2171 said:

Well get prepared to pay for Add-Ons.


Isn't it against ToS? You can't sell your Add-ons and they have to be available to everyone. Charging premium for a site without ads is a different thing. Whether this change is good or bad, hard to say, at least client will no longer be tied to Twitch.

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I get it that they want to make money with addons, but seeing how much Curseforge declined under Twitch's ownership I'm okay with that to a certain degree. The site is pretty much kept alive by the community, Twitch didn't gave a damn about it.

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Wow Interface is my go-to for addons.  I support the authors I use with a donation. I wasn't a fan of the changes to Curse when Twitch came onboard. I don't want to login and link my account to anything else.  I don't use an app to download my addons. I manage it by hand.  I guess I'm the only one who remembers how the Curse download .exe got hacked and installed a trojan on thousands of pc's back around 2009.

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23 hours ago, Reno2171 said:

Well get prepared to pay for Add-Ons.


Mod authors are paid based on the traffic they generate to the site, which extrapolates to how much value their addon brings to the site in terms of ad views and premium memberships. It's against the ToS/EULA to charge for addons, and Blizzard would issue a cease and desist in a heartbeat to the site facilitating it. Some mod authors do not participate in distribution sites, such as TukUI/ElvUI, because they have determined they generate enough traffic to their own sites to want all of the ad stream and premium membership revenue themselves.

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