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Shadowlands Intro Experience Playthrough

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Blizzard enabled the intro experience for testing on Shadowlands Alpha and we played through it to bring you this lore overview. The article contains spoilers.

The whole thing starts at Icecrown Citadel and takes place right after the Shadowlands cinematic.

You learn from Bolvar that Sylvanas has opened up a rift that leads to the Shadowlands and you must open a portal yourself to enter the Maw. For the Horde, we see Lor'themar, Calia Menethil (new Undead leader confirmed) and Valeera there.

Alliance leaders include Alleria Windrunner, Muradin Bronzebeard, Genn Greymane, and Tyrand Whisperwind, who is still full of hatred and wants to hunt down the Banshee Queen.


You must place shattered pieces of the Helm of Domination to begin the ritual. Bolvar tells you that mortals were never intended to cross beyond the veil.



After that you get teleported directly into the Maw, the Jailer's main domain and complete some quests for Darion Mograine.


Next, you track down Jaina and Thrall who's wounded, but there is no time to rest and you make your way to a cave to establish a temporary foothold.


On your way there, there's a dialogue going on between Mograine and Jaina. Darion asks if Jaina saw Tyrande, but Proudmoore says that an ancient ritual infused her with incredible power and Tyrande is growing beyond her ability to contain it.


In the cave, Jaina tells you more about the Maw and the Jailer who has a special interest in mortals.


She sends you on a mission to extract secrets from the dead souls that are roaming the area.


Now you must search for Anduin who has been taken to the Tower of the Tremaculum.


You arrive just in time to help him. He's been held captive by Sylvanas. There probably will be cutscene here, because we are not told how Sylvanas manages to escape.


You teleport back with Anduin to the cave where Darion tries to extract information from a Tormented Amalgamation. The goal is to find out how to leave the Maw. You learn about a waystone at the Cauldron.


You must cross the River of Souls and encounter Helya when you do so.


She sends you down the river to drown, but you manage to escape. Gorgoa is full of souls that fuel the Tower of the Damned.


Then, you locate Baine and find out he's trapped by the Jailer.


Another not-yet-implemented cutscene will play and you will find Baine on the ground. Anduin heals him.


You locate the waystone and charge it to escape from the Maw and end up in Oribos, the main hub of Shadowlands.


The Jailer's forces are closing in and you are hopelessly outmatched.


Fortunately, you charge the waystone and escape the Maw just in the nick of time.


Latest Shadowlands Alpha Build 34902 News

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...how does Bolvar know all this?    He was a Paladin, tortured by the Lich King after being burned by Alexstraza who assumed the Lich King Mantle.    Unless something crazy happened after he went on Ice he'd never have been in or known about the Shadowlands, much less be an expert on it?

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