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World First 5 Mask 4x AFK Horrific Visions Run

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Wyolin of the Gallywix Community scored an interesting World First by carrying 4 AFK players through both Horrific Visions with 5 Masks.

Horrific Visions Stormwind Run 

In this run, good Sanity Potions were the purple ones.


Horrific Visions Orgrimmar Run

Good Sanity potions were the red ones.


This was all done by a Havoc Demon Hunter with an average item level 475.

His Heart of Azeroth Heart of Azeroth has item level 513 and the following Essences slotted: Essence of the Focusing Iris: Vision of Perfection, Breath of the Dying, and Purification Protocol.

Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve (item level 500) provides 92 Corruption Resistance. The only Corruption Effect on gear seems to be Rank 3 Twilight Devastation Twilight Devastation which comes with +75 Corruption. 2x Lash of the Void Lash of the Void comes from the weapons.

Trinkets include Torment in a Jar Torment in a Jar and Harlan's Loaded Dice Harlan's Loaded Dice (Mythic 15).


You can find more details in the following Armory Profile.

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