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An Update on Pelagos' Pronouns on the Shadowlands Alpha

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Pelagos, one of the key characters of Bastion, was a woman in his mortal life, but he chose to be a man in the Shadowlands, so Blizzard will refer to Pelagos as "he/him" instead of "they/them" in the upcoming Alpha build.


Here's Pelagos' in-game model.

Blizzard Logo(Source)

In an upcoming build for the Shadowlands alpha, we are updating some dialog and quest text referring to a key character to the Bastion storyline: Pelagos. While normally we wouldn’t share these changes in advance, we recognize there is a higher than usual possibility of this being misunderstood if (and when) it is discovered out of context through datamining, and wanted to make sure that our intentions are clear.

A key part of the Bastion storyline is that Aspirants are able to choose a physical form that represents their true self. Pelagos, who presented as a woman in his mortal life, chose to be a man in the Shadowlands. The team had originally written him to use they/them pronouns but received feedback that he/him would be more respectful of the character’s wishes to be identified as a man. This change is simply the result of us listening and responding to that feedback.

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I imagine this is how the conversation went down at Blizzard HQ:


A: Guys, it's current year. We NEED to have trans characters in our game or people on twitter will get upset.
B: But we haven't had trans characters in the Warcraft universe in the many decades it has existed?
A: Doesn't matter. Has to be done. Just include it somehow. Anyhow. I don't care. All that matters is that we adhere to left-wing rhetoric and have a trans character to parade in front of people for internet brownie points.


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38 minutes ago, Dejo93 said:

I guess they're pulling an Abby here. Now she only needs a golf club



Abby is a woman tho (a buff woman but still a woman). Only Lev was confirmed trans.


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spoiler warning

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23 minutes ago, Dejo93 said:

That's no woman



Abby is a woman that spent her whole life training so hence why she is buff.Last of us 2 story writers say that only trans character is Lev.


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Put a spoiler warning just in case

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On 7/1/2020 at 9:32 PM, Brutalis said:

I imagine this is how the conversation went down at Blizzard HQ:


You forgot "Just during the time when someone from Method got accused for sexual harassment"

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