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How do I get out of Bronze/Silver?

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I am asking for me, AND one of my friends, because honestly I'm getting kind of annoyed at the system.


It used to be that every time I won (or lost) a Storm League game, that I would get nearly 150-200 points ... not the case anymore.

Just recently, 2 matches I have won with me being with a friend that has played HOTS for ... quite some time.

We won both matches ... and each match I got around ... 50 points ...

My friend is on an even shorter end of the stick, he got a WHOLE WHOPPING 8 POINTS PER WON MATCH ... WOOO HOOOO!!!


I've literally been told by 3 Diamonds that I play on a level at or above them ... yet I can't get up there, much less leave Bronze/Silver despite having nearly 60-70% win-rate with my mains.


I don't understand ... what am I doing wrong? AM I doing something wrong?
Do I have to play better in the match by doing even MORE damage than over 100k at average and die even LESS than 2 on average?
Am I just trash despite getting MVP as Alarak both of those winning games and my friend dealing nearly 200k siege damage as Ragnaros?
Is there a way to NOT be put in bronze 3(me) or 5(my friend) despite winning ALL THREE of your placement games?
Does the matchmaking and rank system just degrade your point gain over time?


I don't know the answers to these questions ... please help ... I need it.

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The Matchmaking system is a mystery, but optimally you want to play a hero that can perform well (so that you have a good KDA, damage, and/or healing), and you should know that hero well (so that you perform above average for that hero, as that also affects points gained unless that was changed). Then just keep on winning more than losing, and play solo.

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Its all about the value and macro. You can have 200k+ hero dmg with 40 kills and it will mean nothing if all your forts and keeps are down while the enemy still has 2 forts and 3 keeps. I started as bronze 4 and climbed myself up to diamond and here are some of the things i learned

1) The only section of the scoreboard that matters is the xp contribution. in other words, soak > everything else. i had times where i picked a bruiser, did nothing but soak, causing me to have less than 10k hero damage 15 minutes in, and we won so hard just cause of the sheer level advantage we had. there was one time i reached lv 13 as leoric with absolute 0 hero dmg with 2x xp contribution then the enemy dehaka, and my friends were joking about it for quite a while.

2) If you want to make plays, play a tank. A bad tank will lose you a match, a good tank will carry a match. tanks have the most kit in initiating and interrupting fights, making them the best at picking enemies and saving your allies. Garrosh is the most blatant example of what im talking about. count the amount of times you felt "i hate that garrosh" and compare it with the times you felt "i hate that valla". sure youll almost never have 150k+ numbers on the scoreboard but again, scoreboard is mostly useless. Tanks give the highest value our of any roles in fights, and value is something that doesnt show up on the scoreboard despite being the game changer. Tanks also has the best survivability to collect xp orbs in locations where an assassin would be prone to ganks, which makes them excellent for xp contribution as well.

3) The best [insert hero here] players know when not to pick the hero. I main ktz and i consistently have 65~70% winrate with him in storm league despite him being my most played hero that season. but overall, ktz makes up around less than 10% of my SL games. If you truly care about winning, you have to look at both allies and enemys comps before concluding that your favorite hero will perform optimally in any given match. you mentioned Alarak as a main and he shares similar weaknesses as ktz. if your enemies feature heroes like tracer, ming, and hanzo, youll never hit them reliably, and if your allies have heroes like diablo, artanis, and raynor, theyll likely ruin your combo by bumping them out. if your team already feature a ability oriented mage and/or lacks any waveclear or sustain dmg, thats another situation alarak is more detrimental than beneficial to your team.

with these 3 things in mind, you will have roughly 80%+ winrate in bronze/silver if your macro awareness is as good as a diamond player. i have 2 smurf accounts which i started as low silver and i got both of them up to gold in less than 2 days, with no regard to the amt of points i get per match cause i just win too many games compared to the losses.

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