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Certain invisible privacy settings

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There are certain privacy settings that I can't see or change.


Matching data, linking devices and precise geographic location data at the bottom of the privacy settings (Chrome, Mobile) have no setting next to them. This means I am unable to see if they're turned on or have the ability to turn them off.


Furthermore, IV mentions "independently from Third party partners" specifically. This may indicate - but is unclear - that the mechanics/tools/scripts and ads shown on IV from those partners may be bypassing these privacy policy settings.


Some more information on this would be helpful.

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I've sent an email to our ad agency about it. I'll let you know what reply I get. They're the ones who set this up.

Where did you read this "independently from third party partners" thing?


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Turns out that the whole privacy settings thing was entirely redesigned over the week-end. I guess I'll never have an answer to my questions...

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