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WoW Classic Hotfixes: July 17th

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Here come some Classic hotfixes, including the announced Sap fix that prevents players from disabling world buff triggers, as well as a fix for casting animations and quest issues.

Blizzard LogoJuly 17 (source)

WoW Classic

  • Casting animations should no longer break when briefly pausing in between spell casts.
  • Using Sap on Overlord Runthak, Major Mattingly, or Field Marshal Afrasiabi during their event dialogue no longer prevents the Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer buff from being applied.
  • [With regional restarts] Resolved some issues that could prevent Tyrion from offering quests.

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    • By Starym
      Here's a very strange and interesting bug (that was resolved pretty quickly), as EU Classic Era players were receiving the "realms will be unavailable in this region from January 23rd, 2023" message today, that was meant for the closure of Chinese realms earlier this year.
      This issue did not affect all players on EU servers, but there were plenty of reports, and Blizzard did hotfix the problem fairly quickly (around 1-2 hours) after the first report.
      Hotfix (Source)
      Hi there u/Prodooc. Just stopping by to let everyone know that the WoW team is currently aware of this issue and working on getting it resolved! No ETA at this moment, but they are on it.
      EDIT: Ok they have already fixed it! If you are still having any issues please restart your Battle.net app and check for WoW updates before opening the game.
    • By Staff
      Blizzard are reminding players that this is the last week severs will be actually playable, with only the character selection screen being available starting with the next reset.
      SoM (Source)
      With weekly maintenance today, February 14, 2023, we are beginning the closure of Season of Mastery realms.
      With weekly maintenance next week (Tuesday, February 21 in this region), all Season of Mastery realms will become available for your character list only. Characters will no longer be able to enter the game world itself at all.
      After that time, you will still be able to access the character selection screen on your Season of Mastery realm and initiate free transfers to Classic Era or Wrath of the Lich King Classic via the Free Character Transfer option in the Shop Menu.
      If you have not yet done so, you must log in and clear your mailbox and end any auctions you may have before February 21. You must also disband your guild if you are a guild leader. Free Character Transfers cannot be performed on characters that have active auctions, mail, or are guild leaders.
      Season of Mastery realms will be available in this state for at least 3 months to allow anyone who wishes to transfer their characters the opportunity to do so before the characters become unavailable permanently.
      We strongly encourage you to take advantage of Free Character Transfers within the next seven days, while you still have the ability to enter the game world.
      Thank you very much for participating in Season of Mastery!
    • By Staff
      Blizzard have now set a date for the end of Season of Mastery, and "on or after" February 14th, 2023 players will no longer be able to log in to the servers, but their characters will be available for transfer "for some time thereafter". As noted in earlier blue posts, players will be able to transfer either to Classic Era or Wrath Classic realms.
      SoM (Source)
      As the Season of Mastery WoW Classic experience approaches its end, we will disable the “Enter World” button for all Season of Mastery realms on or after February 14, 2023. After that time, you will be unable to enter the game from the character selection screen.
      We intend to keep your Season of Mastery character list available for some time thereafter, so that you can initiate free transfers from Season of Mastery realms to Classic Era or Wrath Classic realms. We do not yet know how long that access will continue to be available, but we will let you know once we do.
      We suggest that all Season of Mastery players initiate free transfers for your characters as soon as possible.
      Thank you very much!
    • By Staff
      After some trouble, Blizzard have now enabled free transfers from Season of Mastery for EU servers as well, with the US transfers having started a few days ago. Remember that if you do not transfer your characters by the time Season of Mastery realms close (the date hasn't been announced yet) you will permanently lose them. 
      Transfers (Source)
      Season of Mastery players can now transfer their characters for free to a Classic Era realm or to a Wrath Classic realm of the same ruleset (Normal or PvP).
      Please be advised that this transfer is one way only and final. Your decision cannot be changed or reversed.
    • By Staff
      Blizzard have announced transfers from Vanilla Classic's Season of Mastery to Wrath Classic (or Classic Era), starting today! A key difference this time around is that characters that are not transferred from Season of Mastery when it ends will be deleted. 
      Transfers (Source)
      Starting today, October 18, Season of Mastery players are now offered free transfers for their characters to either a Classic Era realm or a Wrath Classic realm. In this region, the available choices are:
      From Season of Mastery Realm To Wrath Classic Realm OR to Classic Era Realm Realm Type Jom Gabbar Eranikus Whitemane PvP Nightfall Eranikus Whitemane PvP Mutanus Eranikus Whitemane PvP Barman Shanker Eranikus Whitemane PvP Swamp of Sorrows Yojamba Whitemane PvP Lionheart Remulos Mankrik Normal Shadowstrike Atiesh Mankrik Normal Obsidian Edge Atiesh Mankrik Normal Please exercise utmost caution when selecting your transfer destination. You are selecting either Classic Era or Wrath Classic.
      Your chosen transfer is one-way, irreversible, and final.
      At this time, we have a bug preventing some transfers to a PvP realm where you already have a character of the opposite faction. We intend to fix this as soon as possible.
      Reminder: It is not possible for Blizzard Customer Support to modify your selection once you have initiated the transfer.
      Season of Mastery realms will be permanently closed on a later date, which is to-be-announced later. Please note that when Season of Mastery realms close, all player-characters that have not been transferred will become inaccessible forever.
      Thank you!
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