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Allied Races: Which Would YOU Add?

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So - without being overly negative, because I think by in large Allied Races have been a fun addition to the game - what other races do you think could have been good additions to the field? Here's my two cooper:

I know that Dark Iron Dwarves are more aesthetically different from Bronzebeard Dwarves than Wildhammer really would have been, but could you imagine a real Wildhammer Dwarf Allied Race?

Druid (don't @ me, Wildhammer Dwarves have learned from Night Elf druids, it's in Chronicle)
Death Knight

Gryphon Rider
: 6 second cast, 10 minute cooldown; A Wildhammer Gryphon Rider picks you up and brings you to your faction's nearest capital city.
Brave Heart: Instant, 2 minute cooldown; Removes all poison, disease and bleed effects, and increases haste and movement speed by 10% for 8 sec.
Hardiness: Passive; Stamina increased by 2%.
Sky Captain: Passive; You gain 5% increased movement speed while on flying mounts and all Flight Paths are 10% faster.
Medicinal Methods: Passive; Reduces Poison and Nature damage by 1%.


Just curious to see if other people had some opinions.. again, I don't want this to be "they shouldn't have added X Allied Race because they are dumb" or "this Allied Race didn't get enough customization options." This is about a theoretical situation in which you could decide the next Allied Race to be added to the game, not one where you get to replace or remove one.

Have fun!


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