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The Unreleased Music of World of Warcraft

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Here comes a special treat for all you audiofiles out there, as Yodragon has put together a giant compilation of unused and unfinished music from WoW! The project took almost 4 years to finish, with over 9 hours of audio with some great art and in-game footage in the background. The video has unreleased versions of tracks, full versions that are scraped together from the several pieces Blizzard splits them into, different and improved mixes, unused themes, and more. You can check out the full details below the video.

And, of course, it all starts out with a version of "Arthas, My Son":



The very first “full version” of a song that I made was from 2016, 4 years ago. Ever since then, I’ve been working non-stop on making as many full versions as I could. I originally intended to release these full versions as individual videos but then got the idea to just put them all in one video so that it would be easy to find them all. I’ve spent the last couple of months polishing and refining this video. Lemme tell ya, it was quite the arduous experience, but I don’t regret it one bit ?

What is a full version?
Basically, a lot of songs in the game files are split into multiple parts, about 2 to 4 parts. I personally don’t like it when the songs are split apart like this, so I started piecing them back together to create more complete tracks. I call these tracks “full versions” and the vast majority of the songs in this video are full versions.

How do you make full versions?
It’s actually a very complicated process that I’m thinking about explaining in-depth in another video. To briefly sum it up, I have to find the places where the tracks overlap and then splice them together to create a seamless transition from one part to the next.

What is a mix?
A mix is similar to a remix. I take a song and then change it up a bit by removing or adding instruments. For example, there’s this song at 3:50:34 where I add a percussion layer to it.

How did you find the music for the cinematics?
The WoD and Legion cinematic music was originally posted by Neal Acree on his YouTube channel. Unfortunately, he had to take his videos down after someone from Blizzard told him that he couldn’t release his music that way. Luckily, I saved the songs before they were taken down. The MoP cinematic music was taken from the official soundtrack but isolated.

How did you find the music for the unreleased cinematics?
The unreleased version of "Arthas, My Son" was found from an early version of the WoTLK cinematic. Special thanks to Reidorrr for uploading it to YouTube: https://youtu.be/bXZa5gHKjbw The unreleased version of "Times Change" was found from an early version of the WoD cinematic, specifically the color script version: https://youtu.be/7_UduyRI2lE?t=4652 It was slightly sped up so I had to slow it down quite a bit.

How did you find the unused themes?
“The Rise of Men” was found from Neal Acree’s SoundCloud page. Full versions of songs by Eimear Noone and Craig Stuart Garfinkle, like “Shadowmoon Sunset” and “Stormlords on the March”, were found on their YouTube channel. The only theme that could not be found was “Malach” and I had to make a full version of that one on my own. “Enmity” and “Reforged” were found from the official soundtrack but isolated.

How did you find the sample music?
Edo Guidotti has a SoundCloud page that is full of samples of his work for Blizzard and Disney. Most of his WoW samples were just excerpts, but a few songs sounded different from their in-game counterparts. These are the songs that I included in the video.

Are the backgrounds available for download?
Yes, I created an Imgur account specifically just for this. You can visit this album https://imgur.com/gallery/nGA4MB5 and download 1920x1080p jpg screenshots of the backgrounds that were used in this video. I’ve also included extra backgrounds that I didn’t have the chance to use in the video.

Why are some of the WoD cinematics just still images while the rest are fine?
For some reason, there are three cinematics from WoD that have copyright detection enabled. These include the WoD announcement trailer, the Frostfire Ridge finale, and the Talador finale. The video would be blocked in all countries if I included any of those cinematics. This does not affect the other cinematics, only those three for an unknown reason.

Are there any songs that you couldn’t include?
Unfortunately, there is one song that I couldn’t have in the video due to copyright concerns. It’s called “Frostfire Ridge (Unused Theme)” by Craig Stuart Garfinkle and you can find it here: https://youtu.be/mGqEYyhv_IA The reason I did not include it is because it would fill the entire video with advertisements. For a nearly 10-hour video, that would be very inconvenient. Don’t worry though, if you use the MP3/FLAC download link, you will still have access to the song. It’s track #8.

How are you holding up these days? ?
The music has definitely helped me get through a lot of tough times, these times included. I’m just very grateful to be a part of this really great and supportive community. I’m glad to be sharing these songs and glad to know so many people who are passionate about this music the way I am. I hope you guys are doing alright too ?

It's an amazing piece of work and we have to thank Yodragon for all the effort put into it! And now if you'll excuse me, I'll go grind something or level another alt for around 9 hours and 44 minutes!

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smashed that like button so hard. my girlfriend laughs when i play wow music in the shower off a waterproof bluetooth speaker 😆
she laughs harder when i'm belting out the words during the Ulduar chorus.

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