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Taelia Fordragon in Shadowlands

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A new questline has been added to the Shadowlands Beta, where Taelia makes an appearance. This article contains spoilers.

You can pick up the Request of the Highlord from Tal-Inara, the Honored Voice. You must talk to Bolvar and tell him about what you uncovered in Maldraxxus, so the quest probably takes place after you finish questing in the area and find out what happened to Alexandros Mograine in the Maw.

The information you uncovered in Maldraxxus should quell the drums of war between the necrolords and the kyrian. And this message from the Primus... extraordinary! I would advise you to enlist Highlord Fordragon's counsel, but he appears preoccupied. Visitors from your world have come to seek him out. Quite insistently, I might add. The nuances of mortal interaction elude me. But it seems the nature of their dialogue was rather... intense. Perhaps you can assist Highlord with this matter.


When you enter the Enclave in Oribos, there is a short RP going on between Taelia Fordragon and Bolvar.


She insists Bolvar peers into the Maw to find out what happened to their allies.


Taelia Fordragon: Please father. We need to know if our friends can still be saved!

Highlord Bolvar Fordragon: You do not understand the risk, Taelia. For me to peer into the Maw would mean--

Taelia Fordragon: I journeyed all the way to the realms of Death to meet the father I thought was lost to me. Bolvar Fordragon, one of Azeroth's bravest heroes.

Taelia Fordragon: I haven't asked a single thing of you since I was a little girl. The little girl you sent away.

Taelia Fordragon: But I'm asking you this. Tell us if they are still alive.

Highlord Bolvar Fordragon: My shining star, I... will do as you request.


Bolvar says he wanted the world to believe he was dead when he put the Lich King's crown upon his head. But Taelia is no longer the little girl he left in Kul Tiras. She and Jaina asked him to peer into the Maw to see if Anduin is still alive. You use the fragments of the Helm of Domination to do that, and a not yet implemented cutscene of the Maw starts playing...


Highlord Bolvar Fordragon: The broken Helm still resonates with the power of the Lich King. The power... of the Maw.

Highlord Bolvar Fordragon: Together, we can focus our sight deep into the Jailer's realm. But beware. Do not lose yourself within the darkness.



In the vision, Taelia hears Jaina and Thrall, which makes sense since you must save both from Torghast, but there is no sign of Anduin or Baine.


Calia asks Bolvar to attempt another vision, but he refuses, claiming there's a price to be paid for such visions.


Highlord Bolvar Fordragon: That is... all I can see. It is... too dangerous to push further.

Taelia Fordragon: I could make out the Lord Admiral's voice and what must have been Thrall's as well. Their cries... they chilled me to the bone!

Calia Menethil: I did not hear Anduin, nor Baine Bloodhoof. Highlord, are you certain you cannot try again?

Highlord Bolvar Fordragon: Not yet, Calia. Therer is a price to be paid for such visions. I dare not attempt another so soon.


Then, the Honored Voice interrupts the Highlord and says you must deliver an urgent warning from the Primus of Maldraxxus to the other realms.



Tal-Inara: Highlord, this mortal bears an urgent warning from the Primus of Maldraxxus. They must see it delivered to the other realms.

Highlord Bolvar Fordragon. Please aid them, Honored Voice, while I talk with the others. We must consider the implications of what we've seen.



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This scene bugs me. It doesn't feel impactful enough. We're told it's impactful, but Taelia basically shows up, makes emotional demands, cuts Bolvar off when he tries to explain no, and swiftly moves onto emotional blackmail. Bolvar, meanwhile, twiddles his thumbs awkwardly, makes sad noises and does what is required for the wider questline to continue. 

That's exaggerating, but it just doesn't do it for me. Supposedly they've already met offscreen -- which is kind of sad in itself -- but this is the first we've seen of them together. And it's not terribly good. 

Then there are lines that bug me.


Highlord Bolvar Fordragon: My shining star, I... will do as you request.

This is cool. Letting a bit of the previous life slip through the deathly facade is awesome for death knights. But he uses it too quickly, It would feel far better, far more impactful, if this were several quests away. Possibly several patches. 

A little thing can feel massive, from a death knight. Think of the WotLK cinematic, where reams are told merely by the movement of Arthas' eyes. 'My shining star' is very personal, which is why it clicks here. But it doesn't kick you half as powerfully as it should. It's showing the hand way too early. 

Even in the line itself, it'd work better reversed. The formal '... I will do as you request', then the endearment pulling the rug from under you.

Maybe the voice acting will change my opinion.

Then there's a line  -- summarised in this article, but which I picked up from another site the other day -- that bugs me.


When I put the the Lich King's crown upon my head, I wanted to world to believe I was dead. Even my daughter, Taelia. I... thought a lie would be kinder than the truth.

But she is no longer the little girl I left in Kul Tiras. I see my choice was a selfish one.

Bold mine.

This dude, a year or so ago, ordered Acherus to murder a boatload of red dragons because he thought his champion needed a big mount. That's how important this stuff was.

Now he was 'selfish' for not letting his daughter come and sit on the Frozen Throne. 

I can't object to the sentiment -- but it feels cack-handed to me. Have him give a doleful murmer. Have his red dragon-scar things flash with emotion. Have him carefully, cautiously, admit to the possibility later on. Don't bend him over backwards the first we see of him. 

It may even work for the character as he is -- he's clearly not the Lich King any more -- but you have to be awfully careful about doing something for one character which tramples over another. And I kinda feel this tramples over two past Bolvars.

Goodness, perhaps the voice acting will change my opinion. Perhaps there will be context which resolves all this.

But I'm wary.

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