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1 Life Hardcore Classic: 60 or Die Trying

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Classic has become something a little different from what was expected when it was announced, with the presumed slower leveling pace and larger enjoyment of the leveling process somewhat replaced by character boosts, ZG mage AoE XP farm runs and similar, as players with new characters tending to just try to get to 60 as fast as possible. That's why the Classic hardcore community seems like a breath of fresh air, as not only is the leveling experience highlighted, it's the entire point!

Getting from 1 to 60 the regular way takes a solid amount of time, but having to be extremely careful and not die even once on the way really makes it into a completely different experience. If you die, you have to start over and try again! There are more rules than this, of course, and plenty of different communities that enjoy this type of challenge, but today we'll be focusing on Classic Hardcore and some of the players that have completed the challenge, inspired by the most recent addition to their Hall of Legends, Kargoz.


The rules are pretty simple:


  • You only have 1 life, if you DIE you must delete character or leave it as a perma-ghost.
  • You can use ALL gear that you self craft or obtain yourself (all rarities).
  • No using Auction House. No Trading, or Mailing between other players.
  • No Trading with Other Characters (even for conjurables).
  • No Grouping Out in the Open World.
  • Dungeon Groups Should Group at Meeting Stone and the only levels allowed need to meet the Meeting Stone’s Range (17-26 for Deadmines). Dungeon Quests Are Authorized.


  • You must choose a combo that spawns in the same starting location.
  • You must not leave the same zone as each other.
  • If one of you dies the other must fall on the sword and the run is over.
  • You can trade solo self found items to each other (Choose Synergistic Professions!)

Here are some great highlight videos of players running the challenge, starting with what you all really come to see in these hardcore videos, a whole lot of deaths!

Then it's on to some regular highlights, including some panicked running away, asking the guards to help and a lot more!

And finally, we have the latest entry to the Classic Hardcore Hall of Fame, which inspired this article, as Kargoz documented his final push from 59 to 60!


    So if you're looking for something crazy to do in Classic, this is a pretty good and actually quite doable challenge! Head on over to Classic Hardcore (or look around for some of the other hardcore communities) and enlist!

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    Kudos to the players that have accomplish this feat.  I know I don't have the patience to attempt something like this and I'm known to make mistakes along the way in any MMO that I play even as a starting out lowbie.

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