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Shadywish Charity Event: Free US-Horde Uncorrupted Voidwing Carries: August 21st

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Reddit user Cryoxene will be running a series of free carry nights on US-Horde for Heroic N'Zoth for the Uncorrupted Voidwing Uncorrupted Voidwing starting today at 8PM EST to raise money for the Humane Society of Tampa Bay.

The mount will become unobtainable when Shadowlands goes live, so if you still don't have it and want to support the cause make sure to participate in the event for a chance to be selected!

You can find a list of all the things that you should do before the pre-patch and expansion hit live in our guide.

Below you will find all the important information about the event, how to join and what the requirements are.


Hello, I am one of the officers of the guild The Outcasts (formerly of Fenris-US, now of Area 52) and I am here to announce our upcoming charity event starting this Friday at 8pm EST. We will be running a series of free carry nights for H N'zoth for Horde (US) to raise money for the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. No donation required for carry, more info below!

Who Are We and Why Are We Doing This:

Some of you may remember us from #Moose-A-Wish back in WoD when we raised money for Make-A-Wish in honor of our guildie, Egon, who passed away in 2016. We gave away 776 Archimonde mooses and way exceeded our $500 goal by raising $6139 for his local Make-A-Wish chapter. Well, it pains me to say we lost a guildie in 2019, Shady, who had a lot to do in helping us with that event. He was, of course, so much more to us than just that though and we refuse not to honor him in the same way.

Shady was an officer in The Outcasts and one of our dearest friends. I cannot exaggerate this guy's kindness. He enjoyed running the moose carries so much, he didn't miss a single one of our 160+ Archimonde kills over the course of ~2 weeks. He wanted us to do another run in Legion with the Argus Spellwing, but our guild wasn't strong enough at the time sadly. We lost him back in BoD and while we're no longer actively mourning, he's left a hole in our hearts that cannot be filled again. We selected our charity for this event based on his love for his cat Lana that we believe he may have gotten directly from this shelter. He loved animals (a true Druid to the end) and we wanted to make sure we honor that.

Important Info:

  • The first carry night will be this Friday, August 21st, at 8pm EST.
  • The Charity supported is the local chapter of Shady's Humane Society (Tampa Bay).
  • You do NOT have to donate to win a carry! Donations are completely optional!
  • The winners will be selected from a raffle held on Twitch. Our chosen guildie representative for this is GrethamPlz on Twitch.
  • Subsequent runs will be announced at the end of each run, but we plan ~1-3 runs per week until Prepatch at which point we will check our strength without corruptions and maybe briefly ramp up.
  • Requirements for a carry are as simple as we can make them and thus far are very similar to #FriendshipDragon.
    • Be level 120 Horde toon with the Legendary cloak (non-negotiable).
    • No ilvl or cloak level requirements!
    • Must need the mount from H N'zoth (Uncorrupted Voidwing).
    • Have a Twitch account to join the raffle on stream during the carry night .
    • Be waiting outside the raid so if you're selected, you can get inside quickly.
    • When we pull, tag Psychus and jump off the edge to die. (We will remove players not following this rule and those who do not tag will not get the mount.)


  • Why aren't you doing sign-ups again? I don't have a Twitch account!
    • I'm sorry, we really wanted to do sign-ups but our last event got 1000+ sign-ups and only 776 people made it in for the mount because the remaining didn't btag us, missed their run, etc. It wasted too much time and with our limited nights available, we want to be efficient. We may do a limited run of sign-up carries post-Prepatch.
  • I just came back to the game and don't have the cloak, why do I need it?
    • Players without the cloak are MC'd instantly when N'zoth is pulled and will not get credit.
  • Can I offer you gold/money/donate in lieu of joining the raffle?
    • No, we will not accept nor entertain any offer like this. We will report anyone offering us money as seeking a Real Money Transaction.
  • I know something about that charity and I can't believe you're supporting them!
    • We've done our absolute best to pick a charity that had benefited Shady in life, but we're not experts. If there's controversy we're unaware of, please inform us and we will consider it strongly.
  • Can I help carry? I'd like to be a part of this!
    • We'd welcome all the help we can get. We ask that potential carriers be of 470 ilvl with solid raiding experience that trivializes H N'zoth. Reach out to me via PM about this. If you cannot help us carry, please feel free to support us with word of mouth!
  • I'd like to support your cause, how can I donate?
    • For now, please consider donating to our fundraiser on the Humane Society of Tampa Bay website. We're also selling shirts for through Customink Fundraising! For those concerned, we will never be able to touch donation money ourselves as it will go directly to our chosen charity from you or Customink.
  • I've got a question not answered here!
    • Please reach out to be via twitter, a PM, or a comment here. We're working diligently on setting up a Discord for community members to join and speak to us directly.


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This is by far one of the best things I like about WoW community and you very rarely see it performed in other MMO's.  To those that apply I wish you the best of luck and hope you get your AOTC mount.

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