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[H] Heartbreak Kazzak EU -12/12M Recruiting for SL

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<Heartbreak>  Founded in early NYA is an international and semi-hardcore PvE guild with the progress of 12/12M.


We are currently recruiting players primarily for Shadowlands. Our application is open to any exceptional player that strives to achieve Cutting Edge in current content.  We take priority in providing a drama and toxic free environment for all and a sportsmanlike atmosphere. 


What do we expect from you as a raider:


 - We’re looking for players that consistently strive to improve their performance as the goal of the raid is always to achieve a cutting edge during the current tier. 

 - Full knowledge of your class

 - Knowledge of the current tier.

 - Strong attendance 95%+.

 - A stable computer and internet connection.

 - To have a fully functional mic and able to speak is highly desired. 

 - The ability to accept criticism without taking it personally.


What can you expect from us:

 - We're eager to give  everyone the chance  to maintain a healthy balance between real-life and  the  game, hence we have set our raid times to be as efficient as possible for players to achieve that balance.

 - You're to play in a stable and solid guild, led by an experienced raid leader who makes sure every aspect of the guild is well managed.


Raid Days: 


- Main raid - Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday  19:30 ST to 22:30 ST.

- Optional alt run - Friday 19:00 ST to 22:00


If you're interested in joining us or if you have an inquiry please do not hesitate to add the following officers: 





Apply here:


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