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Race Change in WoD

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Alright so with WoD in the some what near future. As you all know there will be new racials or updated racials I should say. Lately I've been thinking a lot about changing my warriors race. Right now he is a orc warrior. I want to stay horde, but don't know if I should stay orc or maybe race change him to tauren or something.

My questions for you is. If you are going to race change, whether it be to alliance or horde why? And which faction do you think has the best one for warrior. If you are horde and plan on race changing, what race are you now? and what race will you be going to.

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I was recently facing the same dilemma as you. About a week ago, I race changed my goblin warrior to an orc. I changed because I found that the goblin warrior wasn't sufficiently menacing enough in terms of looks. Also, the racials (axe expertise/hardiness/bloodfury) also played a large part. The rocket jump is nice but it causes heroic leap to be unavailable for 10s or so which is rather infuriating. 


For WoD, I still intend to be an Orc, simply because it is *the* iconic warrior race. When you think of a horde warrior, you think of an Orc. 

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Yeah that is true, when I think of a horde warrior I think of an orc, but I read that bloodfury will stay the same in WoD. Aren't they taking out expertise for WoD? So realistically that added bonus of orc is gone and the last racial hardiness is going to be reduced as well.

So that's what brings up my topic. I mean I love ORC!!! shield / weapons and shoulders xmog gear look so beast on him! BUT! If I can get better racials then I might trade that in I don't know.

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If you only want to look at racials and don't care about looks, this is how it's looking right now (Note: This does take into account the new lvl 100 talents, but not any class/stat changes that might happen to warriors that we don't know of yet):


1: Blood Elf

2: Worgen 

3: Dwarf/Tauren
4: Human
5: Draenei/Panda
6: Orc
7: Troll
8: Night Elf/Goblin/Gnome
9: Undead
Keep in mind that this ranking is subject to change as we'll get to learn more about WoD. 
ALSO: The difference in DPS between each race is small enough that IT DOESN'T MATTER ANYMORE which race you choose. The top ones still will give a small DPS boost, but you're not penalized anymore by playing any other race you want.

Right now, I'm an orc, and I will stay an orc for WoD because I simply love how awesome femorcs look.

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