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Balanced dps rotation problems

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Hi have a prob, my dps is vry low im ilev 532, i dont know if its the rotation or something else, when i get the chi ji buff from timeless things are vry different my dps increase from 70k to 180k. This is not my maine but i like to play the druid its fun.

Can you help me with some advice about rotation and tellme if i need to change something to increase my dpd. In raid i strart ~ 220k and i end up with 80~90 k witch i think is too low for ilev 530


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It's very hard to tell you what you're doing wrong if all you give us are numbers. The arbitrary number you give us don't mean anything. The best way for us to help you is for you to get some logs of a raid , even if it's LFR.

The chi ji buff gives you a huge dps increase because it increases your stats such as crit and mastery which give you more chances to proc SS and makes you hit harder.

If you can't give us logs, the best we can tell you is to read the guide and practice

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We have guides for how to upload logs here: https://www.icy-veins.com/forums/topic/4681-how-to-upload-your-own-logs/

I personally would recommend Warcraft logs

It also includes links to a guide on how to read them.

The next thing I can tell you is that glyph of Barkskin is useless in PvE since you don't take crit damage in a raid. For PvP its useful since you do.

Albeit, there arent really any useful glyphs but Id recommend Rebirth/Stampeding Roar/(Dash or Stampede)

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