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Fire Mage Regemming

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So in short I love fire and am not the biggest fan of frost. I'm curious with my current gear I have if I were to regem and reforge to crit would I have enough?


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I advise having the 4 set with about 45% crit raid buffed before going fire, or frost will simply pull by a mile. Especially considering your gear isn't bad at all for frost, you've got some well-itemised pieces. As annoying or disappointing as that may be, I would advise simply waiting until that point. That should be easy to get in full normal gear if you get the better-itemised pieces.


Also, I'm not saying there is a break point for crit to become viable, I'm just giving you a general indication. You could go up to 40% self buffed and perform well as well, it's just more difficult to predict and liable to RNG.

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