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Short List Of Features And Changes I Feel Would Improve The Game

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Short List Of Features And Changes I Feel Would Improve The Game

  • Class Tomes (Improved Talents and new non-borrowed power systems)
  • Zone/Sub-zone Abilities(Improved Borrowed Power System for the long term Progress)
  • Two New Playable Factions(Four Factions Total)
  • Draft Classes
  • New Playable Classes and Changes
  • Eleven New Starter Races
  • Open World Power-Ups

Class Tomes
Class Tomes is just a term for the New Talents. Class Tomes deal with ordinary Level requirements for Abilities, with Warmode baked in. What makes Class Tomes an improvement is that it also includes abilities and ability upgrades that can be maxed out despite of level. Tome 1 consists of things you can max out on regardless of level, aka Tome Essences(Don't Panic!) Tome 2 consists of level unlocks similar to how it is now and the past...
So Tome Essences - Don't panic!..
Tome Essences are part of one of the Talent Trees(aka Class Tomes)each Class gets. Tome Essences are rewarded by quests and exploring zones, this is not set in stone, just a concept. What I want to drive home here is that, these Tome Essences are upgraded simply by using the ability, like Weapon specialization in Vanilla so to speak, hopefully it won't be as tedious but please keep that in mind.There are four power levels of the Tome Essences (not including the default level when unlocked or Essences that will automatically upgrade from character levels), take note that these upgrades can happen at any level. Take a peek below to get an idea of where i'm going.


These Tome Essences are Upgraded through utilizing them, as soon as you receive a Tome Essence you can immediately start upgrading it at any level in which you earn them.

Right now Tome Essences are meant to be earned by content that is accessible from day one, level 1. So it is not a specific quest, literally any quest. However Zones may be a different story, as some zones may need to be fully discovered if you want a specific Tome Essence. Because this system is introduced at the beginning of the game, you should be able to unlock all the Tome Essences before max and upgrade the Tome Essences you desire to max, before max level. This is just a concept so if you think this should be done differently let us know..

New Talent Trees

You will notice that each set of talent trees can have a different number of Tome Essences at once. This is actually to be done for several different reasons. The most important one is actually balance, each class requires a different approach in order to express their pros and cons, also they have their abilities and such baked into the Talent trees or their class/spec that contribute to the balance of this.

These Talent Spreadsheets are not borrowed power, unlike the systems you may associate with the layout of the spreadsheets. You may also have the concern that the complexity is too much, just as the simplicity can be too much. These revamped talents are intended to add more options to all classes and give opportunity to play optimally in all settings, PVP and PVE. Because of the perceived complexity players can change their builds that essentially offer other players power, over themselves individually, either through utility or buffs. This encourages the community to collaborate and experiment with different styles of game play, rotations even. As I feel this system alone is not very complex, the explanation as to why this system at least offers solutions to current issues within the community is.

So some quick theoretical examples, If one class or spec is doing poorly stacking at least two of  that class or spec can actually make up the difference if they choose the right Tome Essences etc. Also you can play your warlock a certain way if a shadow priest plays a different way so that it creates a synchronicity/damage output that could not happen right now, or say Healers and/or Tanks(and/or DPS really) can work in tangent with one another regardless of their class if they use the proper Talents (class tomes) and Tome Essences that also offer a feasible synchronicity. Of course there will be trends, simulator advice, and perhaps unforeseen tips and tricks that will call for certain builds, whether it is in PVP and PVE. Though this will offer some wiggle room for those who want to play with the same characters, Spec, or people. Then also those who play with different characters, specialization and people regardless of their current class as well. The current system cannot provide this as sufficiently.

This will also cut the homogenization between roles of specs and classes significantly. Especially considering the new class additions.

Rogue (And Blood Knight, Druid, Shadow Hunter, Shaman and Warlock Layout)

You can only have 3 rings active at a time. meaning you'll have a total of 9 Tome Essences active.
Each ring has a fixed "talent" that you cannot change.
Each ring contains a Warmode ability, for now anyways..

Here is a concept of what an unlocked ring can look like, but nothing is set in stone. Each Class will have a window like this to swap abilities but the screens are not provided for the other class trees you'll see here. The Primary ability in the center is fixed and cannot be swapped(Each ring has a fixed "talent" you cannot change).The Tome Essences can be swapped and not necessarily each tome is unlocked through quests but it may serve as a speed bump every once in awhile for all classes. Remember that these things can be upgraded despite your character level.

So Rogue would retain some of the current tree as well... its a bit lack luster I suppose but familiar.
As the previous tree was not level based, this one is.


Monk (And Blood Mage, Buccaneer, Paladin, Priest, Tide Sage, Layout)


Only three of them things for war mode... like the rest of the classes(that's my preference atm)
Also this tree only allows a maximum of 3 Tome Essences.

So this is the Level based tree, nothing too fancy.


Warrior (And Crusader, Death Knight, Hunter, Mage, Priestess of Elune Layout)

Yes. What you are seeing here are some actual trees, still a work in progress though. The idea is that these classes still have to pick a spec, but their talents allow them to go into different faucets of their class, without having to change specializations. You start at the top of either one at any time and work your way down all three of the columns if you want to, but you can reach the bottom of only one. If I did my math right(probably not knowing me) you can probably sacrifice some of the stuff at the bottom the trees just to get extra Tome essence slots.

This is a level based tree, and if you can't tell by now I have gathered inspiration from systems that have been in the game already.
Just a concept...



Tome 1 (currency undetermined)

  • Assassination Rogue Unlocks each ring separately(larger chunks at a time) with 150 of the applicable currency.
  • Brewmaster Monk Unlocks each point (no rings, more gradually) with 15 of the applicable currency.
  • Arms Warrior Unlocks each point(no rings but less gradual than the monks tree) with 30 of the applicable currency.


The different number of Tome Essences in each tree concept is balanced partially due to another system I have deemed Armor Glyphs..

Armor Glyph Concept...

So classes with the Rogue trees will only get one Armor Glyph Slots
Classes with the Warrior trees will only get two Armor Glyph Slots
Classes with the Monk Trees will only get three Armor Gyphs Slonts

The potency of the Armor Glyph effects will vary some will be different than other classes of the same tree because of the talents. Most of which I figured could increase the item in the designated slot to the current average ilvl. Also you can swap these around a bit more easier lol...Its a lot to describe let alone balance. But keep in mind this is not simply for balance but to introduce new classes without a homogenization. This, gets fairly close to doing that and gives finer, more precise  mechanisms to the player and the game designers to close gaps. This is a lot to take in and I can't blame people who want to keep the same system. I think this is a new approach that shows some promise for Classes/Specs that feel stranded or are without real choice, but I know it requires a lot of work still. I'm sure there's a lot of unanswered questions or concerns so feel free to share your thoughts.


Zone/Sub-zone Abilities
Borrowed Power. We take from it what we can as soon as we can, but all is lost once it is replaced with yet another Borrowed power.
Zone/Sub-zone abilities, refashions borrowed power systems and applies it to a Zones and Sub-zones system. This system solves the old problem of losing everything you earned after a new thing is developed. So take Covenant Abilities, Soul Binds and Conduits, we can apply presets to each sub-zone that have interchangeable slots for conduits or whatever... Entire zones can allow you to use earned Covenant abilities for your class. This wouldn't mean that you still don't pick a "primary" covenant or that there isn't still things that go away after new content comes along. This leaves the option to keep things that work or are necessarily beneficial to keep zones or sub-zones relevant to everyone.


These Zone/Sub-zone abilities can act as affixes in a way for instanced content. The idea is to have this expand to Azeroth zones and more. Maybe some zones only allow certain covenant presets, some may allow any... This way you can progress towards any covenant and your player power only pertains to the zone you occupy and the active presets to that zone. Which is neat. So if there is a raid in a particular Zone/Sub-Zone you will want to acquire slots/"conduits" in that area...This can be done through typical grinds or more immersive content of that zone/sub-zone... The more relevant the area is, like having an instance staged there means more people will regular the zone to gain or utilize these interchangeable zone abilities... This effectively pulls the ripcord, increases immersion, and makes it both fun and interesting...


New Factions

Eternal Guard
Centered around the respect for Life, Nature, and Azeroth all members hold these things in high regard. There are many decisions made by the racial leaders, however they all respect Elune and her guidance.

Destruction, Death, and Fire. These are the core pillars their empire was built on. The leader of this faction will lead only those who seek power and domination.

Draft Classes
You can now assign Races to a different faction through Draft Classes, except Allied Races and Neutral races. For now. To be clear this means that Races that can be priest, paladin, mage can now be in the Alliance as a priest, paladin mage. 
  • Alliance Draft Classes – Priest, Paladin, Mage
  • Horde Draft Classes – Druid, Shaman, Warrior
  • Eternal Guard Draft Classes - Druid, Monk, Hunter
  • Unforsaken Draft Classes – Priest, Warlock, Rogue
These Draft Classes represent what each faction values in a sense. This is why races can join A different faction if they are the right Draft Class.


Playable Classes
The four factions Draw the power of light from different sources, along with different ideologies. You can still play a Paladin and Priest in The Alliance, the other factions have different regimens of Light Forces. Although, Unforsaken share the Priest Class. These are Prestige Classes and are specifically for their assigned faction(s). All members of The Horde that were Paladins can choose to switch to The Alliance to remain a Paladin, you can probably stay the same race too. Except for Orcs. Orcs, Night Elves, Undead and Human act as starter races in two separate factions, which means they already get more options as far as factions go, this is not set in stone. Also a new Non-Prestige Starter Class is introduced, Buccaneer. Then there's the Allied Hero classes, Blood mage and Tide Sage. Then there's the new Hero Class shared between Worgen and Venthyr...

Below is the list of playable classes in each faction, with their Prestige Classes in bold. Classes not playable in a faction will not be listed in the faction.
Playable Classes/Prestige Classes

Buccaneer, Death Knight, Demon Hunter, Druid, Hunter, Mage, Monk, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Tide Sage, Warlock, Warrior.

Blood Knight, Blood Mage, Buccaneer, Death Knight, Demon Hunter, Druid, Hunter, Mage, Monk, Rogue, Shadow Hunter, Shaman, Warlock, Warrior.

Eternal Guard
Blood Knight, Buccaneer, Death Knight, Drust Bearer, Druid, Hunter, Mage, Monk, Priestess of Elune, Rogue, Shaman, Tide Sage, Warlock, Warrior.

Blood Mage, Buccaneer, Crusader, Death Knight, Drust Bearer, Druid, Hunter, Mage, Monk, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, Warrior.
Just like Draft Classes the Prestige Classes are part of their faction identity and focus.

New Starter Class...
Masters of unique tactical stances and Machines, they rough the unforgiving sea and a part of that consist of working on engines and all kinds of gizmos

Factions/Races Available
  • Alliance - Human/Kul Tiran, Dwarf, Gnome/mech
  • Horde - Orc, Vulpera, Troll/Zandalari
  • Neutral - None
  • Eternal Guard - Orc, Kul Tiran, Tuskarr, Tortollan
  • Unforsaken - Human, Undead, Goblin/Gilblin

Engineer(semi-ranged dps) - Dual Wielders of Guns, and Masters of Exotic Munitions, and Bombs too all kinds of gadgets...
Bombardier(Tank) - Rally your allies together with Banners and fend off enemies with your Shield Gun and Pistol.

Key Abilities
Engineer - Reflex Bot, Point Blank, Mine Spill, Red Button, Incendiary Reserves
Bombardier - Point Blank, Shield Grate, Aim and Fluid, Death Blossom, Immortal Courage

Shared Abilities
Powerslide, Isle Kick, Dress Wounds

Health, Energy, cool points

Armor Type

One-Handed Swords, One-Handed Maces, Guns... Just Guns.
Prestige Classes...
(Alliance Prestige Class)
Same Paladin we know and love. For the most part, just better, more canon given the concept as a whole.
The races from other factions that can be Blood Knights or Crusaders will be Paladins if they Faction Change to The Alliance, or decide to join The Alliance in Character Creation. 

Factions/Races Available
Alliance - Human/Kul Tiran, Dwarf/Dark Iron, Draenei/Lightforged, Redeemed
Alliance(Draft) -Orc,Tauren, Blood Elf, Drakonid, Sethrak, Undead
Neutral - None

(Alliance/Unforsaken Prestige Class)
Priests in Alliance and Unforsaken will be different, to some extent. I am still mulling this over.

The races from other factions that are Priestess of Elune or Shadow Hunters will be Priests if they Faction Change to The Alliance or The Unforsaken, or decide to join The Alliance or The Unforsaken in Character Creation. 

Factions/Races Available
  • Alliance - Human, Dwarf/Dark Iron, Night Elf, Void Elf, Gnome/Mech, High Elf Wraith, Dreanei/Lightforged, Redeemed.
  • Neutral - Pandaren, Arakkoa
  • Unforsaken - Human/Monstrosity, Undead/Darkfallen, Goblin, Venthyr
  • Alliance/Unforsaken(Draft) - Orc, Tauren, Blood Elf, Undead, Troll, Drakonid, Worgen, Tuskarr, Tortollan
Blood Knight
(Horde/Eternal Guard Prestige Class)
Through the Years passing Battle for Azeroth the realms of magic have evolved from the caste of Blood Elves through sharing the once unfathomed mysteries keeping the world whole. Being a product of this rare and dangerous knowledge you are sworn to protect it at all costs.

The races from other factions that can be Paladins or Crusaders will be Blood Knights if they Faction Change to The Horde or The Eternal Guard. Due to this not being a Draft Class you will be required to Race Change as well...

Factions/Races Available
  • Horde - Orc/Mag'har, Tauren/Highmountain, Blood Elf/Darkfallen, Undead
  • Neutral - None
  • Eternal Guard - Orc/Blood Orc, Worgen/Kul Tiran, Sethrak

Ley Walker(heal) - In touch with the raw magical energies of the World you have strayed from solely providing on the Sunwell.
Spellbreaker(tank) - Keepers of Vast Knowledge on Magical Energies along with a physical prowess your expertise is unmatched
Wellsworn(melee dps) - Tapped into the worlds readily available energies along with your carried connection to the Sunwell makes you a formidable foe.

Key Abilities
Ley Walker - Particle Seal, Leysynthesis, Ley View, Augmentation, Vein Swell
Spellbreaker - Distorting Shield, Maddening Vice, Stoic Resurgence, Repulsion, Strife of the Phoenix.
Well Strider - Orb Parcel, Depleting Strike, Vein Shatter, Crystallization, Holybane

Shared Abilities
Well Orbs, Spellsteal, Unveiling Tomes

Health, Mana, Crucible

Armor Type

Chakram, Glaives, One-Handed Swords, Polearms, Warglaives, Shields

Shadow Hunter
(Horde Prestige Class)
Draw power from familiar Loa using the granted power to deal damage, or heal. This class is only playable with male characters, sorry ladies.

The races from other factions that are Priestess of Elune or Priests will be Shadow Hunters if they Faction Change to The Horde. Due to this not being a Draft Class you will be required to Race Change as well...

Factions/Races Available
Horde (Males) - Orc, Tauren, Undead Troll, Troll/Zandalari.
Neutral (Males) - Pandaren

Decanter(healer) - Conjure or release flasks containing lively entities as well as empowerments to increase your healing output.
Hexer(ranged dps)- Cripple enemies with Voodoo, through hexes and curses you bestow upon yourself and inflict upon others.
Realm Walker(melee dps) - Bend the Elements and strike with infectious magic.

Key Abilities
Decanter - Call Suffusous, Mojo, Respite, Earth Shield, Rites of the Loa, Riveting Bond
Hexer - Blood Rust, Skull Swell, Cursed Apparitions, Elemental Mortar, Primality
Realm Walker - Blood Rust, Fever Touch, Lightning, Searing Arrow, Harrowing Elements

Shared Abilities
Hex, Spurge, Spirt bide, Reventrify.

Health, Mana, Voodoo

Armor Type

One-Handed Swords, Axes, and Maces, Shield and Bows

Priestess of Elune
(Eternal Guard Prestige Class)
Harness the potential of Moon Light, serving Elune. This class is only playable with female characters.

The races from other factions that are Priests or Shadow Hunters will be Priestess of Elune if they Faction Change to The Eternal Guard, and will be required to race change due to this not being a Draft Class...

Factions/Races Available
Eternal Guard (Females) - Orc, Worgen, Night Elf/Dryad Elf, Tortollan/Unsundered, Sethrak/Keeper
Neutral (Females) - Arakkoa

Mender(healer) - Capable of manifesting illusions, but you're more keen to bring balance to the chaos through Twillight.
Sentinel(ranged dps)- Protectors of the sanctity of their lands through the ways of the Sword and Archery.
Warden(Tank) - Determined safeguards of looming threats they are "prepared" to undertake vast amounts of damage.

Key Abilities
Mender - Grace, Aluminate, Farlight , Void Shift, Altar of Elune, Cascading Twillight.
Sentinel - Quick Draw, Chakram/Glaive toss, Crescent Bolt, Embolden, Reconcile.
Warden - Chakram/Glaive toss, Brand, Delegate, Warden's Seal, Reconcile.

Shared Abilities
Moon Portal, Mind Soothe, Animist

Health, Mana, Moonlight.

Armor Type

Polearms, daggers, One-Handed Swords, Chakram, and Bows.

(Unforsaken Prestige Class)
Claiming to be the true light of Azeroth you have little respect for the Naaru and more than willing to continue the necessary crusade of the Fallen Titan Sargeras.

The races from other factions that are Paladins or Blood Knights will be Crusaders if they Faction Change to The Unforsaken, and will required to race change as well due to this not being a Draft Class...

Factions/Races Available
  • Unforsaken - Human/Monstrosity, Naga, Undead/Darkfallen, Satyr, Venthyr
  • Neutral - None

Champion(healer) - Heal allies with the use of the energy deep seated under the surface of Azeroth.
Unmaker(tank) - Just Pain
Usurper(melee dps) - Tap into the undying flame and seize the power capable of breaking worlds.

Key Abilities
Champion - Soul mend, Exorcism, Blessing of Sacrifice, Undertake Soul, Core Surge
Unmaker - Hammer of Wrath, Impaling Fire, Molten Shield, Soul enflamed, Desecration
Usurper - Burning Strike, Exorcism, Requisition, Tortured Rage, Soul Storm

Shared Abilities
Flame Smatter, Conversion, Demonic Leap...

Two Allied Hero Classes...
These Classes are only playable by an Allied Race
Blood Mage
(Allied Hero Class)
A new order of blood magic has taken place. This talent of siphoning life and power has become a valued asset on the battleground and for those who approach their death. As some have learned to redirect untapped energy to heal themselves and others.

Blood Mages can only faction Change to Horde or Unforsaken

Factions/Races Available(Female Only sowy boys)
Horde - Darkfallen
Unforsaken - Darkfallen

Verdantcy(ranged dps) - Seek the life and energy from others to sustain concentrations of powerful crystalized energy that strengthen your spells and weapons.
Blood Forger(healer) - A cold hearted healer but can bring warmth to bodies by manipulating the force between life and death, revitalizing allies with Dark auras and magic still feared by many.

Key Abilities
Verdantcy - Chaotic Surge, Wither, Sphere Steer, Drain Soul, Phoenix Within
Blood Forger - Coagulate, Blood Seethe, Life Singe, Blood Forge, Propulse

Shared Abilities
Riposte, Flame Quills, Ember Blast.

Health, Mana, Arcane Conduits

Armor Type

Daggers, One-Handed Swords, Polearms, Warglaives, Glaives
Side Note: These Darkfallen will have wings as Activision will be getting a partnership with Redbull.

Tide Sage
(Allied Hero Class)
Did you know muscles are 80% Water? The Tide Sages utilizing the powers of rune magic do, using their brute force with just a touch of magic to get the jobs done. Some however prefer to bring aide by healing wounds and sly spells other casters lack.

Tide Sages can only Faction Change to Alliance or Eternal Guard

Factions/Races Available(Male Only)
Alliance - Kul Tiran (skinny)
Eternal Guard - Kul Tiran (skinny)

Rune Master(melee dps)- Covered in Runic symbols they remove their armor and become faster and stronger without it, these runes transforms their skinny frail bodies to being more muscular kin to other Kul Tirans.
Stormsealer(healing)- A spiritual healer using Water, wind, special tonics and quirky spells giving your allies an edge in battle.

Key Abilities
Rune Master - Fist Plunge, Sidearm, Anchor Toss, Steam Roll, Rampant Energy
Stormsealer - Tide Pull, Fever Break, Water barrier, Inoculation, Fruition

Shared Abilities
Drench, Condensate, Blistering Wind.

Health, Mana

Armor Type

Daggers, One-Handed Maces, Staves, fist weapons, Wands, squirt guns
Side Note: These Kul Tirans will have Water Walking
New Hero Class...
Drust Bearer
(Hero Class)
Some entrusted with keeping balance between life and death, some are feared for they will not. Many will come from the shadows to overwhelm you with Earth and fertility and diffuse your life into something else. While others will find ways to re-purpose death by bestowing a piece of their life essence upon it.

Drust Bearers can only Faction Change to Eternal Guard or Unforsaken

Faction/Races Available
Eternal Guard - Worgen
Unforsaken - Venthyr

Shadowbreaker (Semi-Ranged Tank) - Teetering between Life and Death you can channel your own life force upon Rotted Earth, creating Necrotic re-manifestations of yourself thus sharing a consciousness and life force. The more manifestations made means more damage dealt as well as received, however there are clear benefits of manifesting only one at a time.
Drust Flayer (melee dps) - Capable of camouflaging themselves in the environment these Drust bearers prefer to bind others to the forces of nature, diffusing and redirecting their targets health.

Key Abilities
Shadowbreaker - Necrotic Combustion, Deadening Slash, Thorns, Life Stipend, Soul Aflame.
Drust Flayer - Furling Shadows, Deadening Slash, Life Diffuse, Insect Swarm, Natural Flow

Shared Abilities
Re-materialization, Incendiary Shard, Thorn Ravel

Health, Mana, Entropy

Armor Type

Fist weapons, One-Handed maces, Two-Handed Maces, Staves, Polearms,
Side Note 1: Tank Spec basically uses Eyes of the Beast on the manifestations
Side Note 2: Demon Hunter = Fire and Spirit. Tide Sage = Water and Spirit. Blood Mage = Air and Decay. Drust Bearer = Earth and Decay.(for the most part)
Eleven New Starter Races
These New Starter Races will add to the already unique experience through finding new allies and enemies. Each race has A rich history that will be revealed to you. Tuned with different racial traits and abilities, they will certainly spice things up.

New Alliance Races
High Elf Wraiths
Previously as High Elves they have long been allies as well as friends with members of The Alliance, In light of that most remain to serve The Alliance.

Alliance Classes Available
Druid, Hunter, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Warrior

Prestige Classes Available
Alliance - Paladin, Priest
Unforsaken - Priest

High Elf Wraith Racial Traits and Abilities
Ghostly Touch - Enemies will freeze in shock and fear given a mere glimpse of how it feels to be a Wraith like yourself.
Possession - Capable of embodying beings of the Sea, ground and skies to increase your speed.
Magic Seeker - Increased experience gained by killing Undead, Aberrations, and Dragonkin.
Druidic Wand - Having a rather unique tie to Druidism, all have a wand on the ready.
Wand range - Wands have an increased range.
Many entrusted powers within the Alliance to bring them back and for this they are eternally greatful

Classes Available
Hunter, Mage, Monk, Paladin, Priest, Rouge, Warrior

Prestige Classes Available
Alliance - Paladin

Redeemed Racial Traits and Abilities
  • Brand of the undying - Resistance to Fire and Siphoning Damage.
  • Old News - Increased stats on all professions.
  • Death in Discipline - At 10% hp you can see stealthed enemies ,
  • Skin deep - Temporarily become your human form and gain a resource


New Horde Races
Through fighting together against their mutual enemies Vulpera have proved themselves as great assets and true members of The Horde.

Classes/Draft Classes Available
Buccaneer, Death Knight, Hunter, Mage, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock

Prestige Classes Available
Alliance - Priest
Unforsaken - Priest

Vulpera Racial Traits and Abilities
I guess the same as they are currently, Personally I wanted a stealthy borrow underground or a feign death, or latch onto others mounts.
When Bwondsamdi was abolished from Azeroth in Gundrak, he left a curse on many Trolls giving them A snake like appearance and unable to call upon any loa. Despite this tragedy they are committed to help The Horde in its efforts wherever they can.

Classes/Draft Classes Available
Blood Knight, Death Knight, Druid, Mage, Shaman, Warrior

Prestige Classes Available
Horde/Eternal Guard - Blood Knight

Slith Racial Traits and Abilities
  • Will Not Falter - Silence and fear durations are reduced.
  • Blood trail - Leave a venomous trail when health gets dangerously low.
  • Gift and a Curse - Gain different abilities depending on whether they are in their cursed Slith form or Troll form.
  • See Red(Slith form) - Detect those hiding in the shadows for 5 seconds(shared cooldown with Troll at heart).
  • Troll At Heart(troll form) - Increase your Health, and haste for 5 seconds(shared coolown with See Red).


New Neutral Starter Races

(Alliance/Eternal Guard)
Jinyu did have a past allegiance with The Alliance however, there are Jinyu who have aligned themselves with the values of other factions.

Classes/Draft Classes Available
Buccaneer, Death Knight, Druid, Mage, Monk, Shaman, Warrior

Prestige Classes Available

Jinyu Racial Traits and Abilities
  • Regeneration - Heath regeneration rate increased by 10%.
  • Born for the Sea - Jinyu can breath underwater and have no need to rely on mounts to swim their fastest.
  • True to Self - Reduced duration of Polymorph effects.
  • Perception - Increases your Stealth Detection.
  • Graceful - Your second jump while in mid-air will cause you to leap in the desired direction by 5 yards.

Their people have woken to new worlds of threat that seek what they still see to be theirs. For these Saberon have sworn new oaths.

Classes/Draft Classes Available
Buccaneer, Death Knight, Hunter, Mage, Shaman, Warlock, Warrior

Prestige Classes Available

Saberon Racial Traits and Abilities

  • Encouraged Charge - Charge toward a target knocking back nearby enemies.
  • Feline Finesse - Increased Strength, Armor, and Intellect.
  • Claw and Paw - Slows and disarm effects are reduced significantly when applied.
  • Camouflage - Sneaky but limited camouflage
(Eternal Guard/Unforsaken)
Arakkoa from Outland have had conflicting devotions for years, when threats upon outland manifested some decided to band with the races of Azeroth in order to rid the infestations plaguing their lands.

Classes/Draft Classes Available
* Druid, Hunter, Mage, Priest, Rogue, Warrior

Prestige Classes Available
* Alliance - Priest
* Unforsaken - Priest

Arakkoa Racial Traits and Abilities
  • Grimm past - Resistance towards Light and Shadow damage.
  • Shadows of Who We Were - While still unable to fly you can make great leaps into the air and glide like a boss.
  • Keen Eye - Critical strike chance with melee and ranged attacks and spells increased by 2%.
  • You Down With KFC? - Gain a resource and reduce all magical damage taken by 10% for 8 seconds.


Eternal Guard Starter Races
Many like minded Orcs strayed from The Horde in the effort to preserve Honor and what they believed in. What was thought to be a temporary pact between Worgen and Orcs became much more.

Classes Available
Eternal Guard - Blood Knight, Buccaneer, Death Knight, Hunter, Mage, Monk, Priestess of Elune(female), Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, Warrior

Prestige Classes Available
Alliance - Paladin, Priest
Horde - Blood Knight, Shadow Hunter
Unforsaken - Priest

Orc Racial Traits and Abilities
That of The Horde - Same Orc racials as The Horde Orcs(for now).
Once followers of Nozdormu, they're appearance is more lanky than other drakonid. They began a campaign against the Scourge and intervened during the Naga uprising. These Drakonid have become a key piece in the formation of The Eternal Guard.

Classes Available
Blood Knight, Hunter, Mage, Monk, Priestess of Elune, Rogue, Shaman, Warrior

Prestige Classes Available
Alliance - Paladin, Priest

Drakonid Racial Traits and Abilities
  • Nozdormu's blessing - Able to hastily extinguish enemy Portals and Rifts and other unnatural disturbances to gain a resource.
  • Fate Keeper - Able to revive the dead.
  • Mind Warp - Incapacitate nearby enemies by temporarily by making their minds go blank.
  • Gemmed Hearthstone - A second Hearthstone.
Unable to convince Alliance forces to listen to Genns' warnings and battle plans many Worgen sought out like minded allies.

Worgen Racial Traits and Abilities
* That of which was once Alliance - Same Worgen racials they had in The Alliance(for now).

Classes Available
* Death Knight, Druid, Drust Bearer, Hunter, Mage, Priestess of Elune(female), Rogue, Warlock, Warrior

Prestige Classes Available
* Alliance - Priest
This previous ally of The Alliance worked along side forces now apart of The Eternal Guard during the scourge outbreak. With A call to druidism and seeing powers of Death Manifest in the Alliance, many have grown wary of their way of light.

Classes Available
* Buccaneer, Death Knight, Druid, Hunter, Mage, Monk, Priestess of Elune, Shaman, Warrior

Prestige Classes Available
Alliance - Priest

Tuskarr Racial Traits and Abilities
  • Tricks of the Trade - Able to escape many traps and snares.
  • Beast Ward - Able to lay wards that will scare off beasts.
  • Experienced Fisher - Fishing skills Increased.
  • Deep Diver - Capable of holding their breath longer than most.
  • By Tusk and Nail - Resistant to Frost and Physical damage.
Night Elves
Many Night elves joined Genn in his past pursuits. With an agreement of priorities they remain a reliable force.

Classes Available
Buccaneer, Death Knight, Druid, Hunter, Mage, Monk, Priestess of Elune, Rogue, Warrior

Prestige Classes Available
Alliance - Priest
Unforsaken - Priest

Night Elf Racial Traits and Abilities
That of The Alliance - Same Night Elf racials as The Alliance Night Elves(for now).

A Turtle Made It to the Water!


Classes Available
Buccaneer, Death Knight, Hunter, Mage, Priestess of Elune, Shaman, Warrior

Prestige Classes Available
Alliance - Priest

Tortollan Racial Traits and Abilities
  • Well Traveled - Reputation gains increased by 10%.
  • Body and Shield - Stagger all incoming damage for 5 seconds.
  • Tiger Scroll - When applied to A target with stealth, they can only be discoverable by close proximity or damage(only one Tiger scroll can be active at a time).
  • Tiger Scroll - When applied to A target, if that target loses health it will increase their health regeneration and run speed(only one Tiger scroll can be active at a time).
  • Water Breathing - Can they do that?
Sethrak have gained a new perspective in the aftermath of Battle for Azeroth and many proved themselves to be loyal allies of The Eternal Guard.

Classes Available
Blood Knight, Buccaneer, Death Knight, Hunter, Mage, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, Warrior

Prestige Classes Available
Alliance - Paladin, Priest

Sethrak Racial Traits and Abilities
  • Seeing Red - Detect those hiding in the shadows for 5 seconds and gain a resource(shares cooldown with Sand Pit).
  • Sand pit - Turn the ground to sand slowing enemies within it and gain a resource(shares cooldown with Seeing Red).
  • Toxic Nature - Haste and damage done with poisons increased by 1%.
  • In Times of Famine - Capable of eating most meats raw to replenish health over time.


Unforsaken Starter Races
House Ashvane and Members of other houses in discontent over their position of power rallied together and sought new allies including other humans to fulfill their goals.

Classes Available
Buccaneer, Crusader, Death Knight, Hunter, Mage, Monk, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Warlock, Warrior

Prestige Classes Available
* Alliance - Paladin, Priest
* Unforsaken - Priest

Human Racial Traits and Abilities
That of The Horde - Same Human racials as The Alliance Humans(for now).
Previous pacts with Humans, Undead and Goblins made Naga a key instrument to band The Unforsaken together.

Classes Available
Crusader, Death Knight, Hunter, Mage, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, Warrior

Prestige Classes Available
Alliance - Paladin
Unforsaken - Crusader

Naga Racial Traits and Abilities
  • Arcane Dominancy - Reduced Arcane damage taken by 1%.
  • Arcane Dominancy - Increased resource by 5%.
  • Arcane Dominancy - Increased Arcane damage done by 1%.
  • Arcanic Purge - Removes all Poison, Disease, Curse, Magic and Bleed effects.
  • Aquatic Aptitude - Can breathe underwater, and has Increased swim speed.
  • Buoyancy - Activate, and "walk" on water.
Those Forsaken still loyal to Sylvanas have found new strengths under this new founded power, The Unforsaken.

Classes Available
Blood Knight, Buccaneer, Death Knight, Hunter, Mage, Priest, Rogue, Warlock, Warrior

Prestige Classes Available
Horde/Eternal Guard - Blood Knight
Unforsaken - Crusader

Undead Racial Traits and Abilities
That of The Horde - Same Undead racials as The Horde Undead(for now).
After Gallywix's betrayal most Goblins still consider him their leader. So in seek of money, power and security many have offered their services to The Unforsaken.

Classes Available
Buccaneer, Death Knight, Hunter, Mage, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, Warrior

Prestige Classes Available
Alliance - Priest

Goblin Racial Traits and Abilities
That of which was once Horde - Same Goblin racials they had in The Horde(for now).

Most Mantid maintain exaltation of the true Y'Shaarj. In order to protect and expand their empire they have welcomed The Unforsaken as an ally.

Classes Available
Death Knight, Hunter, Mage, Priest, Rogue, Warlock, Warrior

Prestige Classes Available
Alliance - Priest
Unforsaken - Priest

Mantid Racial Traits and Abilities
Amber Beacon - Until the beacon is destroyed you and nearby allies become camouflaged and undiscoverable except through close proximity or damage.
Amber Imbued Bandage- Heal Target for a significant portion of their health(shared cooldown with Corrosive Poison).
Corrosive Poison - Poison enemies with an excruciating poison causing them to run erratically(shared cooldown with Amber Imbued Bandage).
Enlightend by Azshara and Sylvanas, most Satyr have decided to use their unique abilities along side The Unforsaken in order to gain control over what they desire.

Classes Available* Death Knight, Druid, Hunter, Mage, Priest, Rogue, Warlock, Warrior

Prestige Classes Available

Saytr Racial Traits and Abilities
  • Summoner - Able to summon allies to your location.
  • Shadowmeld, Extra Shadowy - Activate to slip into the shadows...(nelf thing)
  • Demonic Inheritance - Increased Strength, Agility, and Intellect.
After being accommodated with what they valued most, many realized they must unite with The Unforsaken for very similar interests.

Classes Available
* Death Knight, Druid, Drust Bearer, Hunter, Mage, Priest, Rogue, Warlock, Warrior

Prestige Classes Available
Alliance - Priest

Venthyr Racial Traits and Abilities
Brutal Efficiency - Gain a resource and disable an enemy target racial abilities for 15 seconds.
Unnatural - Double jumps and glide...
Contrition - Increased secondary stats.
Silver Tongue - Increased experience slaying humanoids.

New Allied Races
There are new Allied Races of course. Racials and such remain undescribed due to still thinking about them. I may add them in the future given proper inspiration/motivation...

Open World Power Ups

Open World Power Ups' are intended to encourage game play in all zones, and most importantly Word PVP(imo). As not all power ups' will be visible outside of warmode. Here are some familiar icons that can serve as power-ups' in the open world PVE/PVP. Many power ups' will be passively droppable, with death or timelimit. 




These Power Ups will appear on the map, once they are being used by someone. These power ups can vary in rarity and effects, you'll find warmode has an increased number of these around. Different kinds depending on the starting zones, intended class or whatever. Also note these cannot be used in instanced content, but World bosses may or may not be easier. 

De-buffs are applied after these power ups' are used, specifically to prevent continuous use. These also fall where they may after use but every 1hr to a day will reset in a random/cool location. GameMasters may help contribute to healthy distribution and the locations as well as other potential settings.

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There's a lot

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Now to address the concerns

You may wonder what is the point to new factions and wouldn't that thin out the community...
If done right, these additions will bring more players to the game more than ever. If that does not happen, the proper thing is to do is prepare to offer cross faction play, where each player can choose one other faction to play with at a time at least. This can even become part of the presets of the Zone/Sub-zone Abilities. So yes it can thin out the communities if implemented without contingencies.

You may be wondering how the currency is going to work, well it is only a concept at the time and can be replaced with any currency such as experience but those forms of currency drift from one of the goals in mind for the level-less talents (Class tome 1).  The Class tome is only suppose to offer a separate progression chart that can be maxed out at any level. While still retaining the importance of Level and Gear, this will allow endgame to not feel like the only game.

You may consider the perspective of the new player and how it would compare to the current or returning players, well there is plenty of contingencies that are in order given the concept, as is... So knowing that nothing is set in stone and that it is a work in progress I am open to anything, I even considered achievement points... This is not necessarily satisfactory. Perhaps a different currency is more palatable. Could be Experience points except now you basically get the option to spend them on levels or this tree instead, anyways these are the types of things that we should be capable of discussing and exploring so that we don't miss anything.

You may wonder if this will stop people from playing with each other by having to pick between the class they want or the people they want to hang out with. This may very well be the case for some as it is now but more so, which is one of those things even I have concerns with as you know the WOW community is very accepting. This is how I see it, it's Warcraft not Friendcraft. Though I did put in some thought into the new talents to encourage teamwork and acceptance to poorly performing specs and whatnot.

There may also be some contempt over the new classes and their design even the races/racial abilities. These are not set in stone of course but serves as a proof of concept, these things are worth making perfect but given the broadness of this short list the concept has to speak for itself in some ways more than what the text provides. As this is suppose to be a short list... However I will speak on the Allied Hero Classes(Classes that require to be played by an allied race). So these Allied Hero Classes do put quite the barrier, i'm willing to make some changes to this I just felt that these classes would play differently maybe be a little bit more skillful perhaps being more support than heal, stuff like that. 

You may wonder what are the capital cities of the new factions and how does questing work, stuff like that. I could offer these details but it isn't official so I really want to hear what kind of stuff you'd add to this, or what you'd change. I assume I believe I guess I think I know the reasons why people would say these concepts are impossible; because its a lot, too complex, the system still would not be balanced, and Paladins being Alliance only, or Priest being Alliance and Unforsaken only. Fair criticisms, but please keep in mind with the solutions these things offer as well. So I disagree with the impossibility, I understand the implausibility. I agree with the difficulty of implementation.



So people will want to know what the new talents solve and what is so wrong with the current UI.

Problems with current UI

  1. Focus only on max level/end game.
  2. Cookie cutter builds that cannot be adjusted in order to play with others.
  3. Subtracted/pruned abilities become non-existent. 
  4. Class homogenization is amplified and leaves less room for new classes.
  5. Depends on borrowed power to feel good.

Solutions Class Tomes Provide.

  1. You can focus Tome Essences at any level and those powers last long past the end game. Making the game not just about the endgame experience but also the journey. Because the journey should matter, not just a means to an end.
  2. No forced specialization, expanding the meta game and simultaneously diffuses cookie cutter builds that are dependent solely on your character alone, PVE and PVP. Eg. One Class may be at the bottom of the damage meters or lack utility, however if there is at least one other character of the same class and together they share the same Tome Essence they can make up the difference enough to be a palatable choice in raids etc. Of course redundant stacking of this may have diminishing returns, and there will always be some level of cookie cutter talents but this adds more levels to character customization and brings more cohesion and strategy among foes, allies and the community.
  3.  Abilities no longer have to be removed immediately just simply become a modified/nerfed Tome Essence leaving more future class options on the horizon rather than looking back several expansions ago when your class use to have that cool "thing". So when further abilities or Tome Essences are added to the game you can still play around with abilities that may not be as good, at least in public opinion.
  4. Classes do not have to have the same modifiers, or the same number of modifiers for single target, aoe, utility. You can really double down on what a class is suppose to do and still make room for hybridization between its specializations. This UI gives clear distinctions between ranged/melee/etc, creating depth within the classes. So for example, one class can have 5 various mobile abilities to chose from while another class only has 3, and the trade offs express the weaknesses rather than the strengths for the class that isn't suppose to have a great niche for mobility. 
  5. Instead of having to follow some cookie cutter path for talents just to acquire some cookie cutter borrowed powers on top of that. You can prioritize for the type of game play you desire, giving you an edge over players that are the same level as you, or not. It all depends on what your short term and long term goals are and how you want to get there and with who even. 


The purpose of the thread is not to argue whether or not its a good idea but how to improve upon it constructively, discuss hypothetical problems, benefits and encounters and expand on that. With that said, I appreciate feedback as well as dialog and I respect all the opinions on this. You will see the concerns raised/potentially raised here. We seemed to have run out of room on the initial post of this short list.


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Epic Patron

the impact these changes would have remind me of that genre of warcraft III custom games 'custom hero battles' - every character rolled by a player was so severely unique on the battlefield   that we really did not have much to talk about with the other players 😛

it takes time for people to acclimate to 1 single new race being introduced , eg. playing against new passives/actives specific to new races in situations like BGs / or playing alongside unfamiliar utilities & trying to overcome familiar  content .

--the experience of failing a timed run with one group & taking it upon oneself to troubleshoot for a subsequent attempt with a fresh group -- how many unique utilities until this becomes so scattered that ones own impact loses measure - i argue that WOW teamplay & player familiarity-with-other-classes/races is not so scattered , , and that is by intelligent design so that players become independent and able to 'push' their best game.  -

consider what classes / races are traditionally able to really change the grand strategy of a dungeon run - 

1 rogue with shroud 

2 night elves & classes that can break combat instantly 

3 battle rez'ing / self-rez'ing for 'death runs' (eg. to the end of Motherlode or Temple of Snekz ) .

- once you've been with 1 or 2 rogues , and once you've talked to a Night elf , or,  been tricked by a hunter,  or have truly disappointed a dead shaman ,--you are basically ahead of the 'first' learning curve & can pretty independently navigate teamplay thru content / navigate the social pick-up gameplay ,- simply by awareness of a few 'exceptions' to the obstacles inherent in content , 1.2.3 above .  -- ,. point being , the WOW teamplay/competence learning curve depends first on a players abilities to make basic sense of what their teammates might think of doing ,  .

11 more races i might take weeks to run into the same one twice! !! i would a very long time to ever make sense of whether a teammate is making any use of their 'tiger scroll' that i should be aware of . . see? even if i have tried it , i havent seen what it can contribute in a number of contexts ,, and the partners im looking for with my tiger scroll have no idea to take my instruction !

teamplay & playing socially becomes natural and rewarding along sort of the post-first part  of the learning curve - ones own class /race & what is expected of it . pushing harder content with fresh teammates (the fun + independent WOW experience) is not a struggle of total failure after total failure , it is really a ladder of satisfying steps that players evolve by confidently handling their good practices of the repertoire that other players generally understand (satisfying expectations) . climb the ladder and it tips - 

the gameplay environment sometimes invites an acceleration of pace , ie one develops teamplay practices further on a seesaw , sitting across a more experienced handler of that common repertoire eg a more experienced player who gives advice that a player can act on right now (developing expectations) !!

the special connection between players of same class , .  .--[[ your intercept example]] , --  well, i know another warrior's intercept range  and i know what plays it can make , i know the tank can in short order , aggro xy then intercept yz on some staircase,. .  . [[or dont i? ]] if i could not count on every warrior being able to make a simple play with a leap or charge that i know that it can make , it would be very hard to share the excitement of discovering that play on my warrior ! spaghetti is made of the seesaw ! .  . there's a social fabric underlying class gameplay and it has been the pleasure of many WOW players to share advice with one another in an actionable way . how we climb that second learning curve - monkey see , monkey do . every time you see a player do something awesome , that can become part of your strategic inventory - you are able to ask it questions about how to implement a gameplay move right now . i know i can shroud from this pillar to that pillar , without a special race being involved  - i know my repertoire , the other rogues know the repertoire , or they  can learn it from me . 

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