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Returning Holy Paladin ?s

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I have spent the couple months tanking, healing, and then tanking & healing H SoO 25 on my Monk. Our raid has been hurting for some diversity in heals (3 monks, 1 druid, 2 priests, 1 shaman on the healing roster) and I decided with the WoD free 90 I would make a new Paladin on this server. I will not be including a character armory link yet, as I am in the boost-greens until tomorrow. I will however ask some questions!


The last time I healed SoO (normal, early heroics) as Paladin quite a while ago EF was everything and crit stacking was the way to go for optimal throughput, is that still the case? Does that apply to 25 man as well as 10, or only one or the other?


I have no competition from -anyone- in raid for pretty much any gear aside from H+WF accessory slots, so I don't plan on even really considering the gearing phase. Given the optimal spec + rotation (really, hint?) which stats are reigning supreme right now? I was reading a bit here on a few of the threads but quickly became confused. Perhaps I should not have bothered looking into the WoD stuff just yet. I was comfortable with the EF crit build I was using before, with around 9,000 spirit. I saw a bit talking about Mastery being superior now for the absorb, is that accurate? What sort of ratio should I aim for, as well as a haste soft-cap to shoot for once I am in ~565 ilvl average? I wont have the Legendary cloak on this toon for ages, but the rest should come quickly. We are currently progressing on H Seigecrafter, but aside from that one fight I should be able to bring my new Paladin to just about everything else on heroic to indulge my inner loot-whore. 


Are there any specific tips or tricks I may want to read more about with regard to Holy Paladin in SoO H 25? 


I will do my best to respond in a timely fashion with whatever additional information I have left out. I appreciate you taking the time to read this wall of text and help me get my feet wet again with Paladin!


TLDR: Paladin halp, stat weights? recommended softcap (~565-570 ilvl)? 

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My understanding of holy paladins right now is that you have two spec choices: Eternal Flame or Selfless


Eternal Flame is the play style you probably remember, 15000 spirit, mastery > crit >= haste. Haste can help you reach an extra tick on EF but it's not worth going out of your way to get to it. You'll want to use holy shock/holy radiance (on AoE) Flash on Beacon target etc for as much holy power as you can get.

Selfless Healer you want to get to about 10k spirit (less if you can manage your mana really well), holy shock, crusader strike and judgment for tons of holy power, and use very efficient flashes/holy radiances for even more power. Holy power gets dumped into light of dawn in most cases, WoG when you need single target output.

I have never tried Selfless healer myself, so my understanding is from other posts on other forums.

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You should read my post on selfless healer a few threads down, it'll help with understanding that playstyle.


Prior to having our second holy paladin and second disc priest added to our roster, I was a heavy EF user. I used the basic build of ~15k spirit (+/- depending on comfort) > haste (3506 rating or 7170 rating depending on desired tick) > int > mastery > crit.


Personally I went with 15k spirit, 7170 haste breakpoint and the rest into int and mastery.


Your main objective is to always keep a 3 HP charge EF on your tank(s) at least a 1 charge HP EF on yourself and the rest throughout the raid. I've heard mixed opinions on blanketing the raid with 1 HP charge EF vs 3 HP charge EF.. either works but it's all highly dependent on how your other healers style is.


You'll always want to start using your Divine Plea around the 70-80% mana portion and start using on CD there after.


I'd also HIGHLY suggest in getting a weakaura for your meta gem proc. The most optimal way (in my opinion) is to spam 2 flash heals on your beacon and cast a HS while your meta gem is proc'd. This will give you 3 free HP charges of the cost of 0 mana.


It's also worth noting that with the changes of EF not refreshing illuminated healing, the use of Light of Dawn isn't as frowned upon when spec'd into Eternal Flame like it once was. Again, use your judgement because all your spells create illuminated healing which will help shield the raid.


edit*: made a typo, corrected.

Edited by Geoda

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