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Which spec for pvp?

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Hey guys, Iam new to the class and also pvp as Ive been a pve player for the past 5 years.

Thanks to the boost to 90 I'd like to try the class out but really unsure which spec is best for pvp.

Ive read Subtlety is preferred on older posts after a bit of research on various sites but not sure what the current situation is.

I dont want to be another total noob at 90 so I thought it best to ask the people who know, you guys.

Thanks for any help.

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Of the little PvP I play, I've always played Subtlety. It has more stealth and burst capability than the other specs. Find Weakness is also a very nice mechanic for PvP.

However, Subtlety is not easy. There are a lot of abilities and timers to be aware of, especially in PvP. Also, many of the abilities that used to be exclusive to Subtlety, like Cheat Death and Shadowstep, are now available to any spec.

My guess is that it's easier to get away with playing any spec, but Subtlety is still the most common. Can anyone confirm?

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Thanks mate for the reply, I did the boost today and am very overwhelmed with the amount of attacks that are now in my spellbook.
My main is an Elemental Shaman and he didnt seem that daunting as my new Assasination Rogue is.
Iam going to follow the rotation from the guide here but there seems to be a lot of other attacks and abilities not mentioned and to be honest I dont know there importance.
So for now no raiding until I know what Iam doing but any advice outside of whats in the guide here would be really appreciated.
I did choose Subtlety as off spec but until Iam feeling good about the class pvp might be on the backburner as well.
I dont want to be another noob 90 wiping the raid/group, I see enough of that on my shammy now to appreciate how frustrating that is.
Thanks guys for any help.


Just as a footnote to this, 107 views and only one reply.

The Rogue community here is a lot different to the other classes on here, very disappointing.

I think I'll take my bat and ball and go some place else for advice and help, its non existent on here.

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Just a side note (hopefully you lied and come back to see this but...)


Icyveins is primarily a PvE oriented site. Try to keep that in mind when posting. Second, you posed a somewhat loaded/opinionated question. People can and do argue until the cows come home about which spec is best.


To answer your question (based on my personal experience):


Subtelty is the best spec for a cohesive team. They work well with coordinated groups (3s/5s arenas), as they offer a MASSIVE ammount of control over your opponent, moreso than the other specs due to Shadow Dance!


Combat seems to be the best spec for burst (again, opinion here) but takes a bit of effort to line up your procs/debuffs properly for the truly massive ammounts of damage.

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