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The Best Record Ever: Fastest No-PvP Death

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Update: We now also have another entry, as Tommysalami has joined the fray and beaten all previous records! Check out his video at the bottom of the article.

Sooo... it's getting weirder in Classic. Some people really like to do things that haven't been done before, or at least not as insanely quickly. Speedrunning isn't anything new and makes sense as a general concept, but once you get into these specifics it gets weird and fast. A new record rush started today, as redditor Psyhopank decided to see just how fast a player can die after creating a new character (with no PvP/help from other players), getting it done in 26 seconds by a fairly standard method (just pulling some mobs and then /sitting). Click here to check it out, as we can't seem to embed this particular video.

But, because this is the internet and reddit, this fun little endeavor didn't end there, as others joined in the fun and started using... different methods.

That wasn't the end of it, because of course not, as discussions started on how to get the 17 second number even lower (you can check out the full comments over in the reddit thread?


Hmm, that good! But I keep wondering if ssd and ping affect speed?


I'm going to find another computer to do this on.. my next idea is to create a temporary storage drive on RAM and install wow there. drop render scale to 25% for load times.


Could you shave a few seconds off by starting the cast time and then deleting your hearthstone during that, or is that not possible?


You're wasting a couple seconds to open help menu.

/click HelpFrameCharacterStuckStuck

Which lead to the current record of 13 seconds, achieved by two separate players, CrystalF2P, who is also responsible for the 17 second one above, and d07RiV, who got this particular one first:


And, believe it or not, there's also a discussion over whether the unstuck ones are actually fit to be in the "glitchless" category:


Does this actually count as death? You are in a state of dead, and you were previously alive, but did you "die"? Or were you immediately transitioned from alive to dead? Might have to go to retail and try it to see if it counts as part of the death total.

Regardless this is basically an any% bug run to OPs 100% no bug run


Unstuck is against the rules ofc *filtered*


But even all that wasn't the end of it, as just after posting this article, Tommysalami, who already has a few Classic records, beat the 13 second time by 1 second!

There are also claims of a potential 11 second record, but with no proof of any kind, we're sticking to the 13 number!

Usually with these kinds of interesting and weird posts I talk about how it's great players still find new and cool stuff to do in WoW, but for this one... I think I'll skip the speech! But regardless, players should never stop doing new and weird things and enjoying the game in any way they like! Ok, I did the speech again didn't I?


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